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Venetia is a Life-Transformation Expert that uses many methods, techniques, and skills such as The Law of Attraction, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Subconscious work, Reiki, Theta, Intuitive Energy Healing, and Aura Reader to help her clients positively transform their lives in the best and highest way possible.

She supports and guides people in moving beyond their current situation or emotional state bringing positivity and wellness to their mind, body, and spirit.

She specializes in raising the vibration of her clients bringing them to a required state to awaken to their inner power that can guide them into a better life.

Venetia's Journey

Venetia left home at a young age where she began hanging out with the wrong crowd. Eventually, lifestyle affected her mindset leading to homelessness. Her young age and toxic friends led her down the path of alcoholism, substance abuse, and unpleasant way of life.

In 2001, Venetia sought professional help from different GP's, psychologists, and psychiatrists in a variety of countries to overcome her dependencies, self-destructive emotional states, negative thinking patterns, and troubled outlook on life.

She battled with Western medicine to overcome her symptoms. For Venetia, this felt like falling even deeper into a dark hole of confusion, disorder, and uncertainty. She was living in a dark depressive state for almost six years.

Not long after, anxiety, sleeping disorders, and high levels of stress became part of her daily life.

Venetia knew in her heart that this was not the end of the line for her. She felt a powerful force within her that she was unable to awaken, release, or even explain to anyone. An inner power that no Doctor had any knowledge or understanding. Venetia knew just then and there that she was seeking help from the wrong source.

After years of Western treatments and medicine that only focused on the symptoms and not the cause of the problem, Venetia knew that her life depended on making the right choices for herself and taking the right steps to recovery.

Under the circumstances, she had only one alternative left. In 2005, Venetia turned to Alternative Medicine, soul-searching, heart-searching, self-analysis, and began her journey of self-discovery to heal herself.

A Journey through Self-Discovery to Find Happiness, Health, Love, Peace, & Balance

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In 2007, Venetia began working on her attitude and negative mindset. She started searching for the things that made her positive and those that made her negative. What makes her happy and sad. Her likes and dislikes, etc.

Self-discovery made her aware of the things that bring joy to her life, that make her smile, makes her soul happy, and her heart sing. Day-by-day, Venetia noticed positive changes in herself - she was healing.

She restored her mental, emotional, and physical well-being, regained balance, vitality, and harmony. Her healing made her whole again.

After her healing, Venetia decided to read into the power of the mind to find more meaning; this led her to enroll in a Psychology course where she qualified in Emotional Intelligence.
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In 2008, Venetia heard about The Law of Attraction (The Secret) and began reading more on the subject. She was fascinated and decided to study it. After some time, she enrolled in a Law of Attraction course and qualified as a basic practitioner. Not long after, she qualified as a Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner.

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In 2010, Venetia created her first-ever Life-Transformation Course designed to change people's lives positively. She uses tools and techniques to improve a person's way of thinking, emotions, and behaviors - bringing wellness to their mind, body, and spirit. To view course click HERE.

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In 2012, she began blogging for an online magazine (Cyprus News Report) where she was awarded CNR Best Blogger Award for spreading positive energy and positively transforming the lives of her readers.

In 2014, Venetia qualified as a Reiki Healer and received her diploma. As a healer, she uses a technique which a universal energy is transferred through her palms to her patients to stimulate a natural state of pure happiness, relaxation, inner peace, and health.

In 2015, having completed the necessary studies, Venetia was found by the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) to possess the qualifications required and was registered as an Auras viewing, identifying, and understanding expert. Venetia states that the aura is a reflection of the energies held in the body.

She went on to qualify as a Basic then Advanced DNA ThetaHealer where she found tremendous joy in healing her clients on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Venetia works on a subconscious level and can help her clients access unconscious beliefs stored as information in the DNA. She can heal the DNA through accessing the belief system.

Venetia states that beliefs hold onto information that is in turn stored in your DNA. For instance, the belief system travels to your DNA, stores itself there, and changes the behavior of the DNA. In other words, DNA becomes equivalent to the belief, and until you remove the belief, you will continue to create and experience the same results repeatedly.

In 2016, after studying extremely hard, Venetia satisfactory completed the required studies, and was found by the American Board of Directors to Posses the qualifications required by constitutional bylaws, and is now registered as a certified NLP practitioner (Neuro-linguistic Programmer).

Venetia states that our life depends on upon our method of thinking, and our thinking patterns are a result of our subconscious beliefs/ programs stored in the unconscious mind. Our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are the key to a healthy, happy, and successful life, and by positively deliberately changing those, we positively change our lives.

Venetia became well known for her ability to positively transforms people's lives by helping them awaken to their inner power and move beyond their current situation and emotional state; this work eventually became her full-time career.

She inspires people to become the best version of themselves, to reach their full potential, and create a life they love.

Venetia encourages individuals to be purposeful and intentional with everything they do. She Believes that to build effective change in your life; you need to remove negative limiting subconscious beliefs you have about yourself and life in general, create a positive thinking pattern, learn to feel good, and take action word your dreams.


Venetia's Philosophies

No one knows what is best for you better than yourself. Self-discovery is an incredible journey, and real happiness, love, health, beauty, peace, harmony, and well-being come from within.

We need to step outside of our comfort zone and commit to our DREAMS.


Venetia's Mission

She is on a lifelong mission to improve the lives of millions worldwide through spiritual, and inspirational speaking. Her aim is to raise the vibration of humanity, helping them awaken to their inner power that can guide them to a better life. She aims to bring wellness to the world as she guides them to the next level of understanding, awareness, and consciousness.

Venetia's Hobbies

When she's not traveling, Venetia enjoys meditating, personal development, learning new things, and raising her consciousness. She loves reading books on wellness, the conscious and subconscious mind, healing, The Law of Attraction, and the Universal Law of energy, vibration, and frequency.

How I Healed

Everything you see on Venetia's website is methods that she has personally used to treat herself. The entire site consists of real exercises, methods, techniques, skills, and tips that have been tested time and time again, and are proved to have satisfactory results. If it worked for Venetia and her clients, it could work for you, too.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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