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oliver klemm

Venetia is dedicated and hard working.
Her experience and knowledge have positively helped me in many ways.
She has helped me to discover many unhelpful subconscious beliefs
and overcome unwanted thinking patterns.
I feel happy and honored to have worked with her,
and I highly recommend her services.
Thank you, Venetia. Best of luck with your career!
 Oliver Klemm
Professional Trader and Coach

natalie reed the daxi group

Venetia has been blogging for Daxi Magazine.
Her blogs are positive and uplifting
and are beneficial to our readership
and the community as a whole.
I highly recommend her work.
Natalie Reed
CEO - The Daxi Group

sarah fenwick is proud to host Venetia's uplifting work,
which focus on the power of positivity, empowering, inspiring,
motivating our audience and spreading good vibes.
As founder & owner, I wholeheartedly recommend Venetia's work as a force for positivity.

Sarah Fenwick
Cypurs News Report

petros manoli

Venetia is an amazing therapist with the ability to understand
and quickly address any problem using her exceptional skills.
I felt instantly better after my visit.
She is also a great life coach that has helped me to look at life from a different perspective.
I feel very grateful and lucky to have her in my life.

Petros Manoli
Crew Operator – Thomas Schulte Group

I loved working with Venetia.
Her amazing skills and talents have helped me to transform my life in many areas positively.
My business has improved, my emotional state is the best it has ever been, my outlook on life is amazing, my confidence is high, and my health is perfect again.
Thank you, Venetia, for all your help. I highly recommend your services.

Koulla Panayioti
Business owner – Jewellery & Accessories

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