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Do you wish to transform your life positively in just 4-weeks?

Venetia Zannettis has worked with a variety of individuals worldwide, and this FREE course gives you some of her life skills and strategies to transform your life positively.



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In this brand new course, you will discover

  • How to identify and remove limiting beliefs that show up in the form of doubts and fears and block you from reaching your dreams
  • How to program the subconscious mind with new, empowering beliefs that will enable you to break through your limiting beliefs and enhance the quality of your life
  • How to identify and remove negative thinking patterns that take up space in your mind, thus your life
  • How to train your mind to think positive thoughts
  • How to raise your vibration and reconnect to your natural state of joy and happiness
  • You will learn lifelong self-discovery techniques to uncover your true self-freeing you of your false self. You will discover your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, passions, life purpose, true desires, etc. Here you can free your true self to guide your personality


"Venetia is an amazing therapist with the ability to understand and quickly address any problem using her exceptional skills. I felt instantly better after my visit. She is also a great life coach that has helped me to look at life from a different perspective. I feel very grateful and lucky to have her in my life."

petros manoli

Petros Manoli
Crew Operator – Thomas Schulte Group

"Venetia is dedicated and hard working. Her experience and knowledge have positively helped me in many ways. She has helped me to discover many unhelpful subconscious beliefs and overcome unwanted thinking patterns. I feel happy and honored to have worked with her, and I highly recommend her services.
Thank you, Venetia. Best of luck with your career!"

oliver klemm

Oliver Klemm
Professional Trader and Coach

" is proud to host Venetia's uplifting work,
which focus on the power of positivity, empowering, inspiring,
motivating our audience and spreading good vibes.
As founder & owner, I wholeheartedly recommend Venetia's work as a force for positivity."

sarah fenwick

Sarah Fenwick
Cypurs News Report




 Here's what you get when you sign up now:


Your FREE course will be delivered via email - here's what we'll cover each week:


Identify & Remove Negative Thoughts

Venetia introduces you to techniques on how to identify and remove negative thinking patterns that dominate your life and strip you of your happiness - before teaching you how to train the mind to respond automatically with positive, uplifting thoughts.





Raise Your Vibration

Here you will learn to shift your state of mind from an undesired to the desired state. You will learn how to raise your vibration to higher frequencies and reconnect to your natural state of being which is one of joy.





Venetia will share her efficient secrets to discovering the self - here you will have the pleasure of joyfully discovering your passions, life purpose, life calling that will eventually guide you to the path of the life you love.




Accessing The Subconscious Mind

Venetia will introduce you to techniques and methods that will enable you to remove existing limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears from the subconscious mind that sabotage your chances of success. Finally, you will program the subconscious with your passions and dreams so that they take place automatically, even while you sleep. Eventually, everything you love will be brought forth as your reality.



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Meet Venetia - The Master of Instant Transformation

Venetia was once a confused, homeless girl in her early 20's. She was broke, uneducated, hooked on substances and alcohol, depressive, and struggled with severe negative thinking patterns.

She was told that she would never result to anything if she were even lucky enough to stay alive.

Venetia went on to become a life-Transformation Specialist that uses a variety of techniques and methods such as NLP, the Law of Attraction, Emotional Intelligence, a variety of healing modalities, Aura Reading, and subconscious work. All this through many transformation skills that she shares throughout this course: this allows her to transform ordinary people into extraordinary individuals within one or two sessions.

Today Venetia is well known for her astonishing ability to transform the lives of people positively.

In this course, Venetia will share many of her secrets, methods, and techniques that will positively change you on a conscious and subconscious level.

venetia signiture

venetia zannettis


venetia green


Experience multiple breakthrough transformations in key areas of your life, and positively transform your life in just 4-weeks.

Transformations that will make a huge difference for the things that matter in your life.


You'll get access to your free
4-week course on desktop, tablet or mobile


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