Venetia Zannettis - Law of Attraction Formula


Law of Attraction Formula

25th March at 11:00–12:00

law of attraction presentation




The Law of Attraction is an invisible force of the universe that draws together similar energies.

Everything is energy including our thoughts and emotions, and by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, you bring about positive or negative experiences into your life.

Attend my presentation and discover how to utilize the Law of Attraction to your advantage.

Understand the power of your thoughts and emotions and how they are the primary factors during the manifestation process.

I will introduce you to an emotional guidance scale to help you understand the vibration of different emotions, plus the frequency you emit from the body when you feel these emotions.

You are guaranteed to leave with knowledge, secrets, and tips on how to attract and manifest anything you want.


Attend my presentation and learn:

  • How to become a vibrational match to your dreams
  • How to emit the right frequency from your body
  • How to increase your energy to send out a strong and powerful signal to the Universe
  • Learn the things you do that reduce your energy level
  • Secrets to attracting and manifesting
  • Learn how to turn your thoughts into a powerful magnet to attract what you want.


ONLY 8 EURO ENTRANCE for the entire Mind, Body & Spirit Event.

The presentation is complimentary.


Make the decision to take a leap
into a bright and prosperous future.

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