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Clothes allow you to tap into positive or negative feelings. You have an emotional connection to them based on whatever each item represents; this allows you to draw on a particular feeling or emotion when you wear them, even if it is jewelry, shoes, accessories, bags, etc.

Every time you get dressed, you subconsciously decide to wear something, you even take into consideration the emotional connection the people around you will have. You may even consider the situation you would be in if the tables were turned. You would tap into possible positive and negative feelings you would have to deal with, both for yourself and others if you decided to wear something. All these thoughts go through your mind just to put on a piece of clothing, and all the above make up your strategy for dressing in a piece of clothing.

what to wear

We look at people and say, ''Maybe they wore that because it matches something else they are wearing, or because it is the weekend, but the truth of the matter is that a lot of thought and energy has gone into what you are going to wear. The thought could be partly logical, but the majority of the time, it is based on emotions. Think about it, don't you have a particular piece of clothing, or a pair of shoes that you wear because it will help you tap into a certain feeling? Maybe confidence? Feeling attractive? Strong? Invisible? Cheerful? Successful? Etc.

Decisions may be based on the environment, religion, culture, against animal cruelty, how everything is connected to everything else in the universe, etc. For example, some people refuse to wear accessories made from animals, and so they wear jewelry from natural products with an emotional connection to animal equality. Others choose not to wear clothes made in Chinese factories where the employees are overworked. There is a reason behind what you wear.

When you are feeling low on energy, you tend to wear clothes that match your mood. When feeling high on energy, you again wear clothes that match your mood. For example, if you are having a lazy day, you will tend to wear something comfortable that will fit nicely with the mood you are in. A lot of subconscious thinking, feeling, and evaluating goes into what you will wear before you consciously pick up the item and wear it. This brain activity takes place below the threshold of your awareness.

Transform Your Cupboard, Transform Your Life

Transform you cupboard to one that gives you enormous feelings of happiness, joy, and excitement. This is how to do that:

Clear space on the bed to place your clothes in three piles. Pile one is where you will put the clothes that bring about a positive emotion and make you feel good. Emotions that you would like to feel more of, like confidence, energetic, cheerful, etc. Pile two is where you will place the clothes that may have a neutral effect. And pile three is for the clothes that bring about a negative feeling - emotions that you want to overcome and no longer wish to experience. For example, feeling overweight, lazy, blue, etc. Open your cupboard and piece-by-piece, pick up an item and place it into one of the three piles.

piles of clothes

Once you have your three piles, remove the negative by folding them nicely and putting them in a black plastic bag. Keep the positive by wrapping them tidily and placing them to the side of the bed for now.

Now, take the neutral pile and repeat the exercise with a Yes, No, and Maybe pile. Yes, I will wear this item in the next six months. No, I will not wear this in the next six months. Maybe I will wear this it the next six months. If you will not wear an item within a period of six months, why allow it to take up space in your cupboard? This is clutter, and whatever takes up space in your life is confusion in your mind.

The clothes in the Yes pile, you will keep by adding to the already existing Positive pile on the side of your bed. The clothes in the No pile, you will remove by adding them to the black plastic bag. And now, take the clothes from the Maybe pile and repeat the Yes, No, Maybe exercise again.

''Keep this activity flowing until only a Yes, and a No collection remains.''

If you find it hard to decide which pile to place a neutral item, then make another two piles where you will rate the item on a scale from 1-10. One being the lowest and ten being the highest. How much happiness does this piece bring you? If you rate it below a 5, then place it in the negative pile. If you rate it over a 5, put it in the positive pile.

happy scale

Once you have finished, remove from the house the black plastic bag(s) that contain your 'Negative' and 'No' piles. You can gift the clothes to charity or even sell them.

Now with care and much love, nicely fold or hang your 'Positive' and 'Yes' piles that bring you positive emotions and help you feel good.

The aim is to open your cupboard and instantly receive a flash of energy that lifts your spirit and make you feel happy, joyful, energized, and full of life.

dress for success

What individuals wear plays a huge role on how their day will turn out. Dress to show your intention for the day. When you dress the part, you feel the part, and feeling the part, attracts the part.

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