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What Is Inner Guidance

Inner guidance is a voice that tells you what to do, helps you make decisions, pushes you in the right direction, and sends you sensitive messages about life. The voice could be warning you about danger, choosing a job, or following a particular path in life; it could be anything. Inner guidance is when you just know something without knowing how you know. Some may call it a gut feeling when they do not know why they feel like doing or not doing something. It is an automatic connection with the universe, an intangible source of information and insight; this is the higher self, intuition, inspiration, creativity all in one.


Another form of guidance is when something comes easily and naturally to you. When something sounds, looks, and feels beautiful, and seems like fun, do it. Or when you take a new path in life, and you find that the doors are already open and waiting for you, then that is where you need to be; this is your guidance. You should listen to the message you receive or at least consider what it is telling you Guidance, hearing, feeling, and seeing images are all a natural ability and you should tune into it.

Listening to your inner guidance is another way of putting your being into a balanced state.

How To Receive Guidance

To receive the guidance, you must be still and let the small voice inside speak to you. Quiet the mind, relax, and ask for guidance from your inner wisdom or the universe which are both connected and are one. Be precise as to what you need advice for, or which path to take that is in your best and highest. Then believe 100% in the process, and you will receive guidance in the form of thought, feeling, hunch, dream, a tendency to move in a particular direction, etc. However it shows up, you will always receive answers to your requests, if not instantly, then maybe later that evening, the next day, or the day after that. Relax and have faith. Once you receive a response, you must follow the path as this is real guidance coming from within.

receive guidance

If you are unsure if something is right for you, before taking significant steps into the ''unknown'', study the situation, examine your feelings, make a list of pros and cons. After you have reviewed the case, quiet the mind, put yourself in a relaxed state, and ask yourself, ''What would it feel like if I did this? What would happen if I tried that?'' You will always receive a response from an inner voice, then make your decision by listening to that voice, or at least take it into account.

According to the Native Americans, your inner voice is your original guidance because as you focus on something, your thoughts, feelings, and imagery are assumed to be the effect of that situation's vibration upon you; this is a good source of guidance.

You must never ignore how your feelings, the internal nudges you receive, the inner voice because that is real guidance, and without it, you would have no sense of direction. Become aware of how you feel at any given moment. Allow your emotions to guide you. By doing so, you will always know if you are on the right or wrong path.

This is guidance.

You can receive external assistance to help put you on the right path, but inner guidance can only come from within. Quiet the mind and listen because life is always supporting you in whatever you want.

Be Still & Answers Will Come

Spend quiet, quality time with yourself to ponder, meditate, walk, connect with nature, etc. Nature is a shortcut to your natural inner wisdom that has the answers to all your questions and solutions to your challenges. The next step is to let go of toxic energies within you. Release the energy of negative thoughts and emotions within the body that cause imbalance, and allow yourself to reconnect to your natural state of pure love and joy. Then as the mind is quiet, put yourself in a deeply relaxed state, and only ask for help from your inner wisdom that has all the answers and solutions you seek. From this high vibrating state, the answers you receive will always be in your best and highest.

quality time

When you quiet the mind and listen, your inner voice will always steer you in the direction to accomplish your goals, even if you do not know what it is yet. For example, you may receive guidance to a path where you can not fully understand why you're there, but relax and have faith that that is where you need to be, and that you'll be navigated to your best and highest dreams.

Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak. The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still. When you are still, you will know.


Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. It knows something without knowing how you know it. It is the holistic intelligence often speaking as the small voice within that puts together facts, possibilities, values and needs to nudge you toward an opportunity, or to create a useful result.

listen to your intuition

Intuition can provide you with opportunities, options, possibilities, and alternatives. It can guide your actions and urge you to do or not to do something.

Intuition can provide information that will trigger an inspiration, an impulse to move, and lead you to what you need. When you receive a calling to action, act!

When you listen to your intuition, you are allowing your spiritual intelligence and wisdom to guide you. The heart communicates through intuition; the mind operates through childhood conditioning. Follow your heart, not your mind.

Follow your intuition, and you will stumble upon useful information that will guide you through absolutely anything and everything.

All knowledge is within. Still that rational mind and let your intuition come into play.

Inner Child

There exists within us all a happy child; this inner child is wise and is connected to all life.

The inner child gets covered as we become adults and try to live by our rational mind (or our conditioning, should I say?) This limits us.

You must uncover this inner child and allow yourself to play just as you did when you were younger.

Allow yourself to play and be joyful. Begin to wonder. Nurture your inner child.

Try to feel the spiritual freedom of that child, connect with him/her, embrace them, and attempt to experience life in an easy way, just as a child would do.

Let the inner child come out – the one that wants to play and take life less seriously.

Return to innocence, be in a constant state of awe and wonder, be joyful and playful. From that place, you are emitting that vibration and operating from that high frequency; this is where miracles happen, and your dreams come true.

The more you tap into your inner child and have fun, the more creation takes place.

How To Understand Your Life Pattern

To live a happy, peaceful, and balanced life, you must recognize and understand the pattern playing in your life. Notice occurring synchronicities and similarities that occur in different areas of your life, explore them, and you will understand the pattern of your life. Look at patterns in your dreams and try to match them with patterns in your life.

Your situations in life do not cause your life to play out the way it does. Your life and its conditions are two parts of the same pattern – they are a reflection of what already exists within you on an unconscious level.

life pattern

Look at patterns in your life because they have a meaning. Look at bodily functions, what role do they play? Do they refer to patterns in your life? The pattern in your life may be connected to the pattern of the bodily function.

For example, constipation is present when the passage of stools is infrequent making it difficult for the bowel to evacuate what is no longer needed. The pattern playing in your life could be that you refuse to release old ideas that you carry around with you. Your body is giving you the message to let go of old ideas and belief systems.

The kidneys clean the blood removing waste products and excess fluids. Kidneys also balance blood chemicals. Since the kidneys help to maintain the balance in the body, the pattern playing in your life could be an imbalance on an emotional level. The body is giving you the message to get back in touch with your inner strength and change your belief systems.

You can become aware of your life patterns by becoming aware of what you are doing, saying, thinking, and feeling. This is how to do it: Everyday and throughout your day, regularly ask you, ''What am I doing? What am I saying? What am I thinking? What am I feeling?'' Keep a journal, and when you have gathered enough information, look for the pattern playing in your life.

When you notice patterns, synchronicities, and similarities, explore them, and you will understand the pattern of your life.

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Be Mindful

Mindfulness is when you are conscious and aware of something. The ability to stay grounded, centered, and efficient starts with mindfulness. To some, mindfulness doesn't come naturally, but we must embrace it in our daily lives and be more open to information and wisdom that we all obviously have inside us from birth. You will eventually face any issue effortlessly and with much more ease.

How To Protect Yourself

If you live in an environment with possible toxic people, you need to protect yourself with boundaries and protective layers – something like a guarded zone. You must also protect yourself from low energies in your environment, negative thoughts and emotions, and all the injuries that come from such interactions.

Here are five ways to protect yourself:

1) If you are in an environment that is draining your energy, you can choose to be there physically, but your mind, heart, and spirit are elsewhere. For example, pick a place that feels better and more uplifting for you, a place that makes you happy, joyful, raises your vibration, and most importantly, allows you to grow, blossom, and prosper. You do this by allowing your mind to wander off to better places when you are in an undesired environment.

2) Try not to take these people personally, after all, the issue they have is within themselves; it has nothing to do with you. You are directly experiencing the effects of their internal vibration because you choose to remain there. Every day you have a choice to remain stuck where you are or to settle yourself in such an environment that encourages you to develop and thrive. Choose wisely.

3) Do not allow people to touch your self-esteem, identity, or force you to compromise your values. Know that it is about you, not them.

4) Make it your number one priority to feel good so that you release all low energies and raise your vibration; this shifts your mental condition and puts you in a state where you are now able to create something better for yourself. Whatever your situation, you can always choose to start changing your life now. The choice is always there, and your power is in the now.

5) Limit the time you spend on the people, things, and events that drain your energy. Structure your time differently to benefit you. Do it in a way that you are least likely to be affected. Take control of your environment.

Even in the above situations, you are still the one that has control over your thoughts, emotions, and life.

Create the perfect surroundings because people develop, grow, and thrive in an environment that is hopeful, optimistic, and compassionate; they can think more clearly and tap into talent and potential. They function more efficiently and make better decisions.

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How To Create Change

If you find change hard, try engaging in your natural powers of curiosity, imagination, and inspiration - humans are more likely to move to modification in these states.

Focus on reconnecting with your true self, skills, abilities, and potential. ''I say reconnect because we were born connected to all our strengths, but somewhere between birth and adulthood, we became conditioned by parents, society, school, religion, culture, TV, etc. All we must do is remember who we were before accepting individual subconscious programs that replay in your mind and keep you living from memories, not inspiration from source.

The best thing you can do is to question everything, be curious, and look within you for the source of your troubles, and you will find the answers. Ask yourself, ''Why am I in the situation I am in?'' ''In what ways have my actions (not anybody else) gotten me there?'' ''What could I have done differently?'' What can I do now to change the outcome?''

Being 100% honest and with yourself and forgiving can do wonders. You can change anything about yourself anytime. Take a long walk in nature to connect with yourself and the universe, and then make a plan to figure out what you want to do next. Know what you don't want. Know what you do want. Become aware of what you are thinking, feeling, doing and saying.

Furthermore, I encourage you to change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change. Look to new beginnings and start a new cycle or phase in your life with optimism and enthusiasm. Come up with a new meaning of life, and you get a new life. Begin to wonder, imagine, become one with nature, and capture the wow of now. And always keep your intentions pure and your thoughts positive.

Nature & Imagination

The human imagination is one with nature. Mind and nature are one. Connect with nature, and you will release the imagination to run free and create that which you hold dear to your heart. Nature will make you grounded, balanced, and in harmony with your natural state of being.

nature and imagination

You will open your mind to new levels or awareness, understanding, and knowledge; and you will receive messages from the universe sent as inspiration. The mind takes this inspiration and transforms it into imagination, in turn, giving life to new creations.

It begins as pure intangible energy that changes and transforms according to your focus; this energy vibrates and contains information. The information has a way of working itself from the invisible to the material level of reality. As long as you are working with the necessary materials (taking necessary actions), you will begin to manifest that idea.

Albert Einstein once said, ''Without imagination, there is no creation.'' Everything starts with the imagination. Eventually, fantasy becomes a reality. Expand your awareness to other dimensions and begin to wonder and imagine.

Magic Surrounds Us

There exists a reality that we are unaware of – some magic, force, an energy that is not visible to the naked eye, yet always exists in us, through us, and around us. It is an inner guidance, internal power, intelligence, wisdom, subconscious mind, higher self, or whatever you like to call it. When you allow yourself to become aware of this force and connect, you feel alive and full of energy.

magic surrounds us

We naturally have a willingness to feel the energy and move with it, to turn ourselves over to the energy, and to flow with it.

When you begin to respond to this force and tune into it, to move with the impulse that you feel, then the creative energy within you starts to manifest as your most heartfelt dreams and wishes.

Once you connect to this higher power, it will shift your conscious awareness to new dimensions. A dimension that is experienced only by raising your vibrational frequency to a higher kingdom of consciousness and awareness.

What you think is real is an illusion - a dream that keeps you trapped and holds you a prisoner of your false beliefs. Connect with yourself, with people, with nature, with the universe, and free your mind so you can see and hear clearly.

Magic, solutions, love, happiness, and joy always surround you. All that is in your highest and best, all that is positive and good for your soul surrounds you, but you must become aware of its existence to experience it. Otherwise, you will continue on the same illusional path of limiting beliefs, obstacles, negativity, lack, self-doubt, and fear.

Observe with an open mind, and you will see all the messages that lie right before your very own eyes. Be receptive at all times to the good that already exists in you, through you, and around you.

Listen to your intuition and higher-self as this is where you will find all your answers.
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