Venetia Zannettis - Mental Technique 1: How to Become Your Ideal Self

Mental Exercise 1: How to Become Your Ideal Self

Think of your ideal self; the perfect you; the person you wish to be in the future. Notice all the behaviours, feelings, characteristics, dress sense, body language/ posture, words, your ideal self-possesses.

Are you happy? Energetic? Confident? Strong? Independent? Slim? Athletic? Mentally create yourself exactly as you would like to see you in your future. Add as much detail as possible.

Once you are sure of the perfect, new you that you wish to create, take on that role mentally, physically, and emotionally. Become a sponge and soak in that character. Play pretend just as a child does what they pretend to play. Now, connect your five physical senses to your visualization, for example, your sense of sight adds color, brightness, scenery, and people to the mental image. Your hearing sense combines sound, voices, tones, background noise. Your kinesthetic sense/ sense of touch will add sensations, temperatures, body movements, feelings and emotions to your mental image. Try to feel exactly as you would if you were living the perfect you now in the present tense.

Your sense of smell and taste adds particular smells and tastes.

Every day, before you speak, feel, act, or respond, ask yourself, ''What would the perfect me do at this moment?'' And do the same. ''What would the perfect me feel at this time?'' And feel the same. ''What would the perfect me say at this moment?'' And say the same. Respond, in the same manner, that the perfect you would.

By doing so, you are slowly programming your nervous system with a brand new set of behaviours, speaking patterns, and thinking cycles. You are becoming the perfect, ideal you.

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