Venetia Zannettis - Mental Technique 2: How to Identify & Remove a Mental Conflict

Mental Technique 2: How to Identify & Remove a Mental Conflict

Take a pen and notepad and carefully select a heartfelt desire that you have been aiming to achieve for some time but have not managed to. Place that desire as a title on the top of the page. For example, I wish to find love. I want to have an abundance of money. I wish to be happy, etc.

Now, find a quiet and comfortable place to relax. Try to calm the mind and body by meditating. If you are unable to guide yourself through meditation, then visit my Meditation page and use a guided meditation I have provided for you.

Once you are relaxed, ask yourself, ''Why have I not already achieved this desire?'' What conscious or subconscious conflicts are taking place within me?'' When you question conflicts, you lessen their strength.

For example, you may desire to love and be loved but fear commitment. You may want to speak in public but fear massive audiences. Or you want momentum but procrastinate.

Perhaps you want to change but fear change. Or you wish to socialize but are shy, etc.

Below your title, write the word 'Because' and state all your conflicts that come up. For example, ''Because I was not ready.'' ''Because I didn't have the right resources.'' ''Because I was scared.'' '' Because my cat was sick.'' ''Because........'' ''Because.......'' ''Because.......''

Be realistic with your list. Try not to hold back. If something comes to mind, it is there for a reason, do not overlook it. Do not second guess or rethink your answers. Trust in the wisdom that comes out of you.

If you feel there are no conflicts, then why have you not already reached your desire? Not having what you want is a sign that conflicts exist.

Pay attention to the responses you receive from within as you ask yourself why you have not already reached your desire.

When you are done, take a good look at your list. Everything you listed are either conscious or subconscious conflicts that block you from reaching your wish. Understand that it is not possible to desire something while simultaniously thinking negatively, doubfully, or fearfully of it.

The next step is to rewrite the positive terms beside each conflict. Write it in the present tense followed by ''If I want to.''. For example,

''Because I had no money,'' must be transformed into, ''I have money if I want to.''
''Because I was scared.'' – ''I am fearless if I want to.''
''Because I was insecure.'' – ''I am secure if I want to.''
''Because I was doubtful.'' – ''I am confident if I want to.''
''Because I was not ready.''- ''I am willing if I want to.''

Now turn to a fresh page in your notepad, and write: ''As of NOW, I work on achieving my desire because'' and write all the positive terms one-be-one as declarations. For example:

''As of NOW, I work on achieving my desire because I have money if I want to.''

''As of NOW, I work on achieving my desire because I am fearless if I want to.''

Repetition is the mother of all creations, so every day and throughout your day, declare your heartfelt affirmations repeatedly.

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