Venetia Zannettis - Mental Technique 3: How to Move Up the Emotional Scale

Mental Technique 3: How to Move Up the Emotional Scale

Moving up the emotional scale means being aware of your current emotional state and conscious deciding that you will go forward to the next emotion on the scale.

The emotional scale is as follows:


1. Peace
2. Joy
3. Love
4. Reason
5. Acceptance
6. Willingness
7. Neutrality
8. Courage
9. Pride
10. Anger
11. Desire
12. Fear
13. Grief
14. Apathy
15. Guilt
16. Shame


Let's say, for example, you are feeling shame regarding a particular situation or circumstance, and you know that it is not in your best interest to remain in that low vibrating emotion. So you must move up the scale from shame to guilt by dwell on thoughts of blame regarding that circumstance. If it helps to write your thoughts down on paper, do that.

Then once you have moved from shame to guilt, attempt to go to apathy. Begin to think of reasons you feel hopeless in that situation.

From apathy move up the emotional scale to grief, where you deliberately cause yourself to experience feelings of regret.

Then move up to fear where you may feel uncertain, or you fear the challenge you are putting yourself through; that you are moving onto something new. Maybe you fear failing, or you fear to leave your comfort zone, etc.

From fear, go up to desire - at the level of desire, try to experience the emotion of longing. We do not mean a desire for health or a better life for yourself; we say a desire for power, consumption of goods, increased attraction, etc. Try to shift your focus to wanting something that others have. Attempt to want things and feel tempted.

Next is anger – try to feel angry regarding the situation you are in because anger is a moving energy; it will move you toward change.
Then move up the emotional scale to pride and try to feel dignity. Do not dwell too long on pride as it leads to duality viewpoints, which acts as an invisible force to separate people.

Now, from your current emotional state of pride, move up the scale to courage. Courage is the mid-point between lower and higher emotions. Affirmation is the key here – find statements that feel good to you and begin affirming how you wish you and your life to be. Flood the mind with thoughts of an exciting world filled with possibilities.

Then from courage move to neutrality – the emotion at this level is trust and safety. Keep the mind busy with thoughts of certainty, sureness, and security regarding yourself, your abilities, different areas of your life, the people in your life, and life in general.

Now move up to willingness where optimism runs high. Look around you and deliberately search for reasons to feel optimistic. Look for the positive in every situation.

Then move to acceptance – at this level, one realizes that he/she is the creator of their life, and can recognize limiting beliefs that block their growth. Try to acknowledge subconscious beliefs that act as blockages in your life, then remove them, and begin to create the life of your dreams that you deserve.

From acceptance, move to reasoning where you focus on having a clear meaning and understanding in life, or about self, or regarding a given situation before reaching an opinion.

Then move up to love. At this level, you will attempt to experience unconditional love by filling the mind up with pure loving thoughts that are not determined by external conditions. Before you act, speak, think, and feel, make sure you are coming from pure unconditional love. Feel love for the self, others, and all life.

Then move up the emotional scale to joy and try to feel serenity and compassion for all. Attempt to care and feel concern for others. Try to see everyone as beautiful, and make it a priority to feel connected and one with all that is.

Then move up to peace – at this level, we want you to experience the emotion of bliss. Think thoughts of perfection for all that is. And contribute to the world where and when you can.

Try to remain on each level until you are completely free of the previous emotion you were feeling. Once you are free, then move up the emotional scale.

Changes may not happen instantly, but that doesn't matter. Take your time and trust your inner guidance.

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