Venetia Zannettis - Mental Technique 4: How to Shift From a Negative to Positive State

Mental Technique 4: How to Shift From a Negative to Positive State

Many times, people dwell in a negative state without knowing why they are there in the first place, or without being aware of how to get themselves out of that state, and in some cases, without knowing they are in one.

When in negative, low vibrating state, you do not have access to the right thoughts, feelings, points of views, outlooks, and you may struggle to free yourself.

I strongly encourage you to have a mental plan ready for execution beforehand; that is before you find yourself in that negative state. This is how to do so:

First, put yourself in a calm, relaxed state. Next, take a pen and notepad, and make a long list of all the beautiful, happy, joyful memories you have access to at this point. Write down on paper all your uplifting, high vibrating memories. It could even be a happy thought of the perfect future life you wish to live, or the ideal future you, happy childhood memories, funny conversations, comedies, a newborn baby, etc. Recall memories that are associated with positive emotions and can shift you from a low to a high vibration.

Remember, once in a negative state; you may not have easy access to these memories or thoughts, so access them all now and write them down.

Have them ready before hand, and when you find yourself moving toward, or in a negative state, take out your list, search for the memory that works the best for you at that moment, and dwell in it to shift you from a low to a high vibration.

Mentally step into the memory and relive it as though it is happening now in the present tense. To make the memory more real, try to see what you saw at that moment, for instance, notice colors, scenery, people.

Try to hear what you heard at that moment – recall sounds and voices

Feel exactly what you felt in that moment; try to feel the same way now as you did then. Flood your body with those wonderful feelings of joy, happiness, love, or whatever emotion you felt at that time.

If there were particular smells or tastes, notice them, too.

Make the memory as real as possible, feel the positive emotions, and you will shift from a negative to a positive state.

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