Venetia Zannettis - Mental Technique 5: How to Feel Good Using Your Thoughts

Mental Technique 5: How to Feel Good Using Your Thoughts

When you have thoughts, become consciously aware of them and notice how they make you feel. Do they feel good? Do they feel bad? Do they feel light? Heavy? Uplifting? Draining? Energizing? Happy? Sad? Relaxing?

Remember negative thoughts will attract more thoughts of a similar nature.

In such a case, consciously attempt to find any thought that feels better than the previous one you were thinking, and be aware of how that thought feels too you. And ask yourself how the new thought makes you feel, and if it provides a better feeling than your previous thought.

By doing so, you can begin to slowly, but surely, improve your thoughts, thus enhance your emotional state.

The aim of this exercise is to think 'any' thought, any thought that you have access to, then decide whether the new thought makes you feel any better than the previous thought. You can calculate the value of the new thought by judging how it makes you feel. Your intention must be to feel better than before the new thought.

Once you have a conscious thought that enhances your emotional state, use it by dwelling on it, then continue to the next new thought that makes you feel even better, then the next, then the next.

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