Venetia Zannettis - Mental Technique 7: How to Make a Habit of Being Happy

Mental Technique 7: How to Make a Habit of Being Happy

There is one very important point to being happy. You must sincerely desire to be happy. There are people who have been depressed and unhappy for so long that they have made a habit of being unhappy. They have been so accustomed to low vibrating thoughts of
unhappiness that they do not feel at home being happy.

You make matters worse and create more unhappiness simply by entertaining unhappy thoughts like, ''Today is a bad day.'' ''Everything is going wrong.'' ''I am not going to succeed.'' ''Everyone is against me.'' Bussiness is bad.'' ''He can, but I can't.''

If you have this attitude in the morning, you will attract all these experiences, and you will be very unhappy. Instead, you must deliberately choose to entertain happy ideas, and by doing so, you
become happy.

Thoughts repeted regularly and sistematically sink into the subconscious mind and become habitual. Habitual thinking then takes place automatically and, many times, below your awareness.

You can choose to change your attitude right now. You can make happiness a habit. This is how you do it:

Every morning when you awaken and every night just before
sleep, bless yourself, your life, family, and all the things in your life (tangiable and intangiable.) Flood the mind with all your blessings, thank the Universe, Source, God, your Higher Self, or whatever you like to call it, for all that you have. Feel the happiness of the words you speak in your heart. Speak not with words, but with the heart.

Repetition will create a habit of being happy.


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