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Physical fitness benefits us in so many ways, not only for weight loss and building muscle but enhances our lives in different ways. Exercising helps improve memory, enhances learning abilities, and allows the brain to take in more oxygen. You will boost your confidence, improve your appearance, feel and look younger.

Regular exercise helps you feel more energized and productive. It improves circulation, increases arousal during sex, decreases men's erectile dysfunction, increasing growth and longevity. You will gain mental clarity, feel more balanced, grounded, and in harmony with your natural state of being. Your abs, back, and other muscles can improve, and even helps your posture when sitting and standing.

Every time you workout, your nervous and immune system strengthen making you less sensitive to sickness, viruses, germs, and colds. Furthermore, exercise has a profound effect on your body's natural killer cells. These are the cells that recognize a threat in the body and destroy it. What's more, during exercise, your muscles (muscular system) produce chemicals that travel to all parts of your body and kill tumor cells by 30%. Moreover, your body releases chemicals known as endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the body; endorphins are natural stress fighters that help take your mind of things that bother or annoy you. Also, the University of Bristol found that people's mood improved drastically on days they worked out.


Exercise will help you sleep better. Try to workout in the morning or afternoon, not before bed as it may have the opposite effect. 

Sit down and plan an exercise into your daily routine. If that seems like too much, to begin with, start with 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes each time. When you are ready, gradually build your way up; this will put you on the path to a healthy and happy life.

venetia with trainer

All the above benefits put together equal a happier, healthier, longer, more productive, fruitful, and successful life. All you have to do is make it a part of your life, but, for now, take the first step and exercise for today, even if it is a quick walk in nature.

If the above reasons have not influenced you enough to begin exercising, read further.

Do fun activities that won't seem like a workout.

If you feel lazy, unmotivated, or just don't want to workout, try to find fun activities to do that will enable you to get still the workout you deserve, while at the same time having fun, i.e., group hiking, rock climbing. Ice skating, volleyball, scuba diving, football, berry picking, etc. Invite a couple of friends for tennis, hopscotch, golf, trampoline, or even dancing. There are tons and tons of fun activities to do.

mountain climbing with Venetia


When it's a 'must,' human beings find a way. Put yourself in positions where you have no choice but to become physically active. For example, you can get in a situation where you don't have a car to get back home. Now you desire to get home will overpower your laziness or demotivation to walk back.


Try writing motivational messages on small sticky note papers and put them around the entire house. These notes will act as subliminal messages that operate below the threshold of your awareness; they will enter your mind on a subconscious level. Eventually, they will be brought forth as your reality.



Subliminal programming is messages passed on to your subconscious mind without your conscious awareness. It works by operating below the surface of consciousness and influences the behavior of the individual. You may not notice that the messages are impacting you, but they are. Place around your home images of fun activities, exercises, the perfect body shape, fun places to workout, etc.; this will unconsciously remind you of who you wish to become and where you want to be.

do not limit yourself

Buy yourself a workout outfit or two. The more you focus on the exercise, the more thoughts and ideas of a similar vibration will follow, and the more you will find yourself in situations of a similar nature.

Brain Systems

We have systems in our brain known as the mirror neuron networks that cause us to consciously or unconsciously reflect the behavior of others; this may very easily benefit you if you expose yourself to people and places of exercise or fun activities - use these brain networks to your advantage.

Create momentum and everything will eventually fall into place. Motivational speaker and peak performance coach, Tony Robbins, once said, ''It's all a decision. If you want to change your body and health, you do so by making the decision.''

Always keep your mind busy on the desired outcome, on the result you want. Feel as you would feel if you had what you wanted now in the present tense.

Do not dwell on how hard the workout may be; this is only your perception of the experience, and perception depends on the individual's state of mind.

Reward Yourself

Remember that the nervous system loves rewards, so at the end of each workout or fun activity, always reward yourself for your great achievement. Reward yourself with something that will make you even more motivated and inspired to continue along that path.


Train for stamina with jogging or jumping rope; this will enhance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

If you still find it hard, change your definition of exercise or workout.


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