Venetia Zannettis - RITUALS

How you start your day is vital because it influences what you attract throughout your day.

relaxHow you start and finish your day with peach, balance, and harmony:

The second you open your eyes, put a huge smile on your face, and say ''Good morning'' and ''Thank you'' to life.

Spend some time stretching in bed and allow yourself to wake fully.

When you are ready, put one foot on the floor and say ''Thank you'' for your perfect health (Even if it is not yet perfect.)

Put your second foot on the floor and say ''Thank you'' for your beautiful day ahead.

Take long deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. (3-minute duration)

Think of three things you are grateful for, and one-by-one, feel a sincere feeling of gratitude for each on individually. (3-minute period)

Plan your day in advance. Plan how fantastic your day will flow. Add as much detail as you can. (3-minute period)

Perform different stretching exercise that feels comfortable to you. (3-minute period)

As you stand tall and confident, see energy from the universe coming in through your crown chakra. At the same time, see energy from the earth coming in through your feet. As both life force energies meet in your heart, release it from your heart chakra to all your loved ones, and know that they are safe

Every time you pass by a mirror or a window that allows you to see your reflection, tell yourself how beautiful and fantastic you look. Tell yourself ''I love you'' followed by your name.


Throughout your day, drink 'fresh' leave and root teas, i.e. mint, oregano, thyme, etc. Or roots like whole turmeric and ginger.

Add lemon to your water as this immediately alkalizes it and helps bring the body to its required slightly alkaline balance.


Eat plant-based foods. Dark leafy greens are high in alkaline and help bring the body to its natural slightly alkaline state.

Keep your thoughts positive and your intentions pure.

At night just before you sleep, meditate to bring yourself to a calmer state. Visualize a bright white light that is healing energy coming from the universe entering into every cell in your body and healing your entire being. Know that you are whole. Know that you are safe. Know that you are healing. And go to sleep with the intention of waking up the following morning feeling rejuvenated, vitalized, full of joy, energy, and life.


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