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We all have two sets of feelings: Positive and negative. But we have many emotions like shame, guilt, anger, love, joy, peace, optimism, excitement, etc., and emotions, not logic drive humans.


''Emotions influence our beliefs - beliefs impact our behavior - behavior affects the results we get. And when emotions are of a positive nature, we become productive and reach our full potential.''

Emotions are strong feelings created by our thoughts. Positive emotions are a result of positive thinking, and negative emotions are the result of negative thoughts. When we experience positive emotions we feel uplifted, happy, we thrive, grow, and blossom to new possibilities that help us transform and enhance the quality of our life. When you tap into a positive emotional state, you create a neurological state where you can think more clearly, function more efficiently, and make better decisions. On the other hand, negative emotions make you feel down; they bring about undesired life experiences, stress, illness, pain, tension, and even disease.

Emotions Are Energy

Everything in the entire universe is made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Our emotions are also vibrations of energy that vibrate at one speed or another (depending on the nature of the emotion). When you add emotion to something (whether positive or negative), you are fueling it with energy; you are feeding it, giving it life, and allowing it to flourish. Eventually, the power of emotion will work to pull you toward what you are focused on, while also drawing that thing to you.

''Emotions are energy in motion.''

Emotions & Attraction

The energy in an emotion will attract similar energies to you. For example, have you noticed that when you feel positive your day goes well? But when you feel negative, one bad thing after another occurs? And this is because the energy in the emotion will draw matching energies back to you. In other words, if you are emanating joy, peace, and happiness, you will attract those emotions back to you. And if you are projecting fear, rage, and discontent, those are the emotions you will attract back.

''Emotions are energy. Energy vibrates. Vibrations attract.''

The energy you emit through your feelings will attract similar circumstances, and you will notice that more emotions of a similar vibration will follow, and more people and events of a similar nature will begin to appear in your life. We attract things into our lives according to the vibration created by our thoughts and emotions - we call this process the ''Law of Attraction.''

To change what you attract to you, you must first change your vibration, and you do that by changing your thoughts and emotions.

You must carefully select good ideas that will bring about positive feelings, and in turn, attract positive life experiences.

''Whatever you are feeling this very second is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of manifesting.''

Pay Attention To How You Feel

Many people live in a negative emotional state for an extended period, and in the fog of their experience, they may not be aware they are negative or that their state is harming them. They may see it as a way of living or that everything is normal. It is not until they rise above the negativity that they suddenly realize they were living a drastic and harmful experience.

It is vital to pay attention to how you feel. Your feelings and emotions are your inner guidance that allows you to know if you are in your natural or unnatural element. Knowing what your feelings are, knowing when you are feeling them, being able to detect them, being able to identify them, and respecting them, are necessary steps to living a happy, healthy, balanced, and prosperous life.

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Feelings Are Your Inner Guidance

Always pay attention to how you feel as your feelings are your inner guiding mechanism. Feelings allow us to know if we are on the wrong or right path, and if we are in alignment or misalignment with who we are and where we wish to be.

This guiding device within us is always giving us feedback on our thoughts, letting us know if our thinking is in harmony or disharmony with our dreams. It is always working and guiding us in the direction of our bliss. Your body is always communicating with you letting you know if you are in your natural element or if you need to make some changes or adjustments.

All you need to do is pay attention to how you are feeling at any given moment. For example, if you feel happy and at peace, then you are in alignment with who you are and where you wish to be. But if you feel uneasy or unhappy, then you are in disagreement with yourself and where you want to be, and so, you may need to adjust your thinking slightly until it feels right to you. Become aware of your emotions and allow them to guide you.

feelings are our inner guide

As you begin to listen to your inner messages and adjust your thinking appropriately, you will be more balanced; this will help bring you to a high vibration where you can experience health, happiness, joy, abundance, wealth, success, and much more.

Once you begin using the process of paying attention to how you feel and allow yourself to be guided, you can then take it a step further by deliberately choosing to feel a certain way about something. As long as you have feelings and emotions, you will always have guidance. Listen to what your body is telling you.

Am I A Vibrational Match To My Dreams?

When your thoughts are a vibrational match to your desire, you will feel right, in a state of happiness or satisfaction, at ease with yourself and your surroundings, and you will feel that life is flowing naturally for you because it is. When you are not a match to your wishes (because you may be focused on doubt, limitations, or not having what your desires), you will feel down, perhaps a little worried, insecure, and low on energy.

How you feel this very second is creating your future. Pause for a second and ask yourself, ''How am I feeling right now?'' ''Is how I am in harmony or disharmony with my dream?'' If you feel negative, then you are not in alignment with your desire, and you must immediately move your focus to something that resonates to your dream. If you feel positive, continue.

Pay close attention to how you feel. Your emotions will constantly let you know the nature of your thinking, and where you are on the path of your dream.

Emotional Scale

We always attract according to our vibration that is influenced by our thoughts and emotions. Take a look at the emotional scale below to understand better the vibration of each emotion you feel.

ultimate consciousness

When you feel shame which is right at the bottom of the emotional scale, you are vibrating at the frequency of 20, which means 20 cycles per second - this is a slow and low vibration. When you feel guilt which is just above shame, you vibrate at the frequency of 30. When you feel love which is almost at the top of the emotional scale, you vibrate at the frequency of 500 cycles per second, which is a fast and high vibration. When you feel joy which is just above love, you vibrate at the frequency of 540. As you radiate the vibration of joy and attract similar vibrations, your life will be joyful.

We always attract according to our vibration. You can not vibrate at the frequency of 20 which is the shame and attract something that is at the frequency of 540 which is joy; this will never happen. We attract whatever is on the same vibrational frequency. Shame invites shame. Guilt draws guilt. Joy attracts joy. Love attracts love. And peace brings peace.

Emotions & The Human Energy Field

How do our emotions determine what we attract? The answer is: Thoughts create emotions in the body. These emotions alter the rate of the heart rhythm. For example, negative emotions like hate, anger, or frustration create an uneven, chaotic heart rhythm, like you see on the right side of the body. Positive emotions like love, joy, enthusiasm create a smooth, harmonious heart rhythm like you see on the left part of the body.

vibrations of emotions

As the heart beats, the vibration of the rhythm radiates out and generates an ElectroMagnetic Field that surrounds the entire body 360 degrees. Some call this area the 'Human Energy Field' or the 'Aura.'

Electro means it has an electric charge that can be positive or negative. Magnetic means there is a force around the body that acts as a magnet. This electromagnetic field is what magnetizes you to people, things, and circumstances that have the same electric charge.

So thoughts create emotions in the body - emotions influence your electromagnetic field- the field determines what you attract to you.

Feeling Low

Many people in today's civilization feel victimized by life or by the people in their lives; this may cause them to feel worthless or sorry for themselves on some level. By feeling that you are a victim, you will begin to attract more and more reasons to feel victimized.

You must raise above this feeling so that you vibrate high, begin to prosper and attract better outcomes. You do so, by first, shifting your focus from negative thoughts of being a victim to positive thoughts of content, self-approval, and self-love- there is no another way. Flood the mind with positive thoughts that will bring about positive emotions, and, in turn, create positive manifestations.

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Emotions & The Body

There is a direct link between your emotions and body. Our entire being responds physically to how we feel, affecting every system in the body.  Emotions affect your physical body and even the outcome of your life; they have the power to change your behavior, physical activity, mood, and even affect how vulnerable you are to colds and viruses.

Researchers revealed how the body experiences emotions. For example, you may experience anxiety as pain in the chest, whereas falling in love may trigger warm, pleasurable sensations all over the body. Below are body maps to show where we feel emotions.

types of emotions

Negative emotions life grief, anger, or fear have an adverse impact on your life and overall health. Positive emotions like joy, love, and peace have a positive effect on your health and life.

Dr. Josepy Murphy states, ''If you think negatively and destructively, these thoughts generate destructive emotions which will express themselves in physical form in the body. These emotions being of a negative nature frequently express themselves as ulcers, heart troubles, tension, and anxiety.''

Happy Hormones

Happiness is the best source of health. When you feel happy, your brain produces hormones known as serotonin and dopamine that help you maintain a comfortable feeling, you even become more talkative and excitable. When you feel sad, then there is a lack of serotonin and dopamine in the brain; this is why it is important to feel good. Help your brain produce more happy hormones by deliberately searching for reasons to feel happy.

Any emotion you feel will produce its equivalent hormone making you more susceptible to that particular emotion. The more you feel an emotion, the more sensitive you become to it. For instance, the more you feel joy, the more you will produces hormones that make you susceptible to joyful situations and people. The more you feel stress, the more you produces hormones that make you sensitive to stressful circumstances and individuals.

Each emotion we feel like anger, sad, guilt, excitement, happiness, nervousness, love, etc., release an equivalent chemical. These chemicals move through the body, enter into each cell, and then change the structure of the cell as a whole; this means that if you feel a particular emotion repeatedly, your cells will be exposed to that certain chemical produced by the emotion. And the newly born cells will have more receptors that match that particular chemical. In other words, the state of the cells change and behave differently depending on the emotion felt.

Your entire existence becomes sensitive to your thoughts and feelings. We become what we are feeling; this is why it is imperative to feel happy or any positive, high vibrating emotion to allow yourself to renew.

Searching For Answers

Emotional states, whether positive or negative, create a force around our thinking and behaviors. For example, positive states enhance your cognitive abilities and behaviors making you open to new ideas and possibilities. Negative states fog the mind and act as a blindfold that blocks you from seeing new opportunities, paths, and solutions.

If you seek for answers while in a negative, low vibrating state, the response you receive will be equivalent to your current emotional state. On the contrary, when you put yourself in a happy, joyful, high vibrating state that is full of energy, the answers that come out of you must also be happy, joyful, strong vibrating, and full of energy. Your answers will be of a similar vibration as your current emotional state. Never seek answers while in a low vibration.

''Raise your vibration and then seek.''

Emotional Ratio

As an organism, both negative and positive states are needed to maintain balance. However, we need to emphasize more on the positive to have some degree of balance.

To maintain a balance we need a ratio of 3-1, for example, for every one negative emotion, we need three positive emotions. It may vary from person to person - some may require a ratio of 4-1, others 5-1.

I have put together a simple exercise to help you clarify your current emotional ratio.

Exercise: Sit down in a quiet environment, think back through your day and make a list of all the negative emotions you experienced. Make a second list of all the positive emotions you experienced during your day. For every one negative emotion you have on your first list, you should have three positive emotions on your second list. For example, if you have five negative emotions on your first list, then you should have 15 positives on your second list just to maintain an emotional balance. If you do not, then chances are you are experiencing an emotional imbalance.

Aim to bring a balance to your life by paying attention to your emotions throughout the day. Every time you feel negative, search for three reasons to feel positive.

Initiate Change

Almost all changes begin when a person is in a positive emotional state. If change starts in a negative state, it may not feel good because you are activating the sympathetic nervous system where you are under the condition of cognitive, perceptual, and emotional imbalance. You become antisocial and close yourself off, you go into protective mode - a defensive state to protect the organism, you limit your vision, and may even shut down altogether. In the process, you block out new possibilities and opportunities, you avoid ideas, and cut yourself off from what you want in life.
On the other hand, when in a positive, high, uplifting state, not only do you feel good because you vibrate high, but you open up your vision to new possibilities, opportunities, and ideas. You become excited, talkative, and you approach activities with more ease.

emotional states

As humans, we continuously move in and out of emotional states. And the thing is that when we eventually move from a negative back into a positive state, we must remain there long enough to renew and open up again. So the best way to initiate change is when in a positive emotional state. Try to stay there long enough so that you allow yourself to open up again to new possibilities, ideas, and change.

Emotions Are Contagious

You can very easily be affected by someone's positive or negative emotional state, just as you can influence those around you. Emotions are contagious; they transfer between two people or even a group of individuals. Contagion travels fast, often in milliseconds and mainly below your conscious awareness. People pick up on the emotions of others through a system of the brain known as the hemodynamic system that allows us to tune into the emotions of others. Tuning into others emotions happens at a very fast speed; in less than a second, and unconsciously.

emotions are contagious

This exchange of emotions infects people even if we are not aware of the feeling we are having. For example, if you argue with a spouse before work and you try not to let it bother you, so you put on a happy face and walk into work. You form a kind of negative emotion energy wave in front of your body at super speed, and people pick up on it as you pass them, not the smile you have put on, but the negative emotions that you are still annoyed about. And because you are smiling, they are confused.

People pick up on these emotions and are affected by them, pulling them into your emotional state which will continue to contain others they come into contact with, whether you know them or not, or whether you are present or not. In other words, the emotion you take in, you give to others.

So you always have a choice whether or not you will carry around with you certain emotions and contain others, or whether it stops with you and you take control over your emotions and create a different energy for yourself and others by raising your vibration.

I strongly encourage you to become mindful of the energy you bring into a room. Also become aware of the energy others bring into a room with their emotions, and remove yourself if necessary.

Try to feel hopeful, optimistic, confident, excited, and happy. In these states, you will be more efficient, and as emotions are contagious, people will be affected by your positivity.

Whatever the circumstance, you are still in control of your emotions in any situation.

Want VS. Should

Many times, the difference between feeling positive or feeling negative is the difference between engaging in something that you are drawn to and would love to do Vs. Something you should do, or something you are expected to do. Don't do anything that you don't want to do. Keep yourself in a place of feeling good, because once in a negative state, you don't have access to uplifting thoughts, feelings, a point of view, outlooks, and so you can not attract otherwise.

To raise your vibration and attract to you more things you love

Do what you love to do.
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