Venetia Zannettis - LAW OF ATTRACTION


Attract & Manifest

To attract and manifest your wishes and desires, you must first become a vibrational match to them. We live in a universe that is made up of energy and vibrates at different frequencies, and when you give your attention to a particular thought, you release a vibration; the vibration-released is equal to what you will attract. The vibration of your energy should be similar to that of your desire for an attraction to take place.



Acceptance is allowing the natural movement of life to flow in you, through you, and around you; this is a state where miracles happen, and dreams begin to manifest. You can only experience acceptance when resistance is absent. Resistance is when you hold onto limiting beliefs, i.e., I'm not good enough, I can't accomplish that, it will never work for me, etc. A state of acceptance is when you let go of anxieties, uneasiness, uncertainty, lack; and you embrace feelings of joy, happiness, and relaxation. Acceptance is when you at peace with yourself and your surroundings; you feel that life flows naturally, and you will love that.



Do you want more from life? More health? More happiness? More money? If you answered yes, then an attitude of gratitude is your ticket to prosperity. Whatever you are grateful for, you will receive more. When you are not grateful, you can not receive more because you block the natural flow of life. Counting your blessings is a fast and effective way to improve your mood, outlook on life, and attract an abundant flow of whatever you desire.



An intention is when you mentally make the decision that you will achieve something; when your success is stronger than any complication; when you deliberately make something happen; it is choosing a path and then walking it. Intention requires focusing all your mental energy on your aim until you make the invisible image in your mind, visible in your reality.


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