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What Are Affirmations?

To put it simply, whatever we say or think is an affirmation. All of your self-talk, the chatter in mind, is a chain of affirmations. These affirmations are messages to your subconscious that create systematic ways of thinking and behaving. Positive affirmations plant healing thoughts and ideas that support you in developing self-confidence and self-esteem and creating peace of mind and inner joy. Negative statements work against you.

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You can choose to deliberately repeat positive affirmations to yourself describing how you want you and your life to be. With time, they remove unwanted thought patterns and limiting beliefs you have about yourself. Eventually, they ingrain confidence, faith, and positivity into the mind.

The Power Of Words

Words are powerful; they are the tip of the iceberg. Before you speak a word, the subconscious has already analyzed the word. Below each word there is a whole lot of thinking, feeling, and evaluating. The words you speak are just the tip of the iceberg. And so, as you talk a phrase, it begins to steer your life in the direction of those words. Words like ''I don't have enough time, money, resources, love.'' Or words like ''I'm not good, smart, knowledgeable enough.'' Or ''I'm too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, too old, too young.'' These are all subconscious beliefs and negative thinking patterns that show up in the form of fears, doubts, and negative speaking habits, and in turn, delay or even block you from reaching your targets or achieving your dreams.

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Forms Of Affirmations

Statements can take the form of internal thoughts, spoken words, and even visually. For example, many people speak affirming words into the mirror before going to work, or stating “today is going to be a beautiful day” to charge themselves with positivity upon waking. When used frequently enough, affirmations can help to alter the subconscious beliefs that may be holding you back or even the root of your lack. Visual affirmations are ways of keeping your thoughts positive throughout the day. For example, sticky notes around the entire house can keep you focused on positivity.

I Can.....!

Words are powerful vibrations. The word 'grammar' comes from the Old English word 'grimoire' meaning 'book of spells.' Everything we speak acts as a spell of some sort. By saying, ''I can'', this re-programs your whole body. It remodels every single cell within the body. When a person is spoken poorly of, they too, are affected by the words of others; their cells are also influenced. When you say, ''I can'', your cells are working for you. When you say, ''I can't'', they work against you. Saying ''I can't'' closes you off to the universe which is an infinite field of possibilities and opportunities.

i can

I Am......!

That which you attach `'I AM' to with repetition, consistency, and belief is what you will become. For example:


''I am beautiful.''
''I am a joy.''
''I am happy.''
''I am healthy.''
''I am balanced.''
''I am love.''
''I am alive.''
''I am abundant.''
''I am confident.''


Continue to create affirmations that feel right to you. ''I am..........'' ''I am..........''

Words & The Brain

Words change the brain's biochemistry; this means that by speaking a phrase, you begin to alter the outcome of an experience. See it as giving a command to your brain, and it must always obey. For example, if you say, ''I wish I could get out of that meeting today.'' Or, ''I can not be bothered to attend the wedding this evening.'' Or, ''I feel nervous to meet new people at the gathering.''

When there is a strong emotion around your words, the nervous system will consciously or unconsciously find ways to make your words reality. For example, it will automatically search for the means to get you out of the event you wish to miss.

Once you have made the decision that you 'do not want to do something, the subconscious will find ways to make it happen. You will begin to search for reasons as to why you should not attend. And if you go ahead anyway, your nervous system will let you know that you're going against your wish by making you feel nervous, tired, discomfort, anxious, down, etc.

This could also show up in the form of something more important coming up and causing you to neglect the meeting or wedding. It could be that you get sick or feel exhausted and disregard the event. It may even show up in the form of you falling asleep and missing the event, etc. The subconscious will use this same method when it is something that you wish to do.

words and the brain

You will be surprised what the subconscious mind will unconsciously come up with to steer you in the direction of your words.

This can work both to your advantage and disadvantage. For example, if you state, ''I wish to grow my business, make lots of money, and retire young.'' But at the same time, you tell the story of, ''I struggle to earn enough income to provide for my basic needs, let alone enjoy any luxuries,'' then these words will steer your life in that direction, and you will create that particular experience for yourself.

You can not speak of lack and experience abundance, just as you can not speak of abundance and attract lack.

But if you tell the story of, ''I feel eager to attend the meeting this evening.'' Or, ''I feel so excited to socialize with a group of strangers.'' Or, ''I am so looking forward to attending the fabulous wedding today.'' Or, '' I am confident that my business will succeed. I have full faith.'' The subconscious will take these words and begin to build your reality from them. Words have power, and every word you speak has a biological change in the brain.

May people are unaware of the negative phrases they use until they begin to pay attention to their words. Pay attention to the words you speak as they have the power to change the outcome of an event, circumstance, or situation.

The Correct Way To Use Affirmations

Many people create statements that trap them into the very behaviors and circumstances they want to change. For example, the statements ''I don't want to be broke,'' and ''I want an abundance of money,'' have the same meaning, just stated differently. Both phrases mean the same, but each has a different energy to them.

Every time you speak, state your phrase in the positive term, not negative. For example, ''I don't want to be broke'' is a negative term. The positive equivalence would be, ''I want an abundance of money.'' How we verbalize something plays an enormous role on what will manifest in our life.

An affirmation must focus on the positive, it must be believable, and it must trigger a strong emotional response for it to be effective.

using affirmations

Many people when asked what they want begin by stating the things they do not want. For example, when an individual is requested to describe his or her dream job, they usually start with, “Well, my dream job won’t involve working overtime, it won’t include rude colleagues and an ungrateful boos….” The focus of their job description is on their negative past or present experience, not on the kind of experience they desire to experience; this is also an affirmation, but one that works against them. These are usually the people that state, “Affirmations don’t work!”

Statements need to concentrate on attracting the best rather than avoiding the worst. For example, a strong statement for a dream job would be: “I attract job opportunities which I love, that use my abilities, and that earns me 3.000 a month.” A statement such as this triggers the subconscious mind to filter out those job opportunities that are outside of this range and are worth less than the stated amount but doesn’t filter out opportunities that may be more beneficial. 

For an affirmation to be effective, it has to be an idea that the conscious mind accepts as being possible. For example, if a homeless person affirms, “I am a millionaire, I own a home, a car, and a yacht” without having any experience outside of poverty, that individual’s conscious mind will begin an internal mental conflict. The conscious mind will respond to the positive affirmation with, “What a load of rubbish! You live in a cardboard box! You’ve never had a job. You will never achieve anything …” Which more than probably is the particular belief system that made them homeless initially. And now this reinforces their already existing negative behaviors and beliefs.

believing in affirmations

Affirmations need to be believable and considered possible to overcome internal conflict. Using the previous example, the homeless person could affirm, “My finances improve every day….. I find opportunities to earn enough money so that I have a place to live….” These are possible and are more likely to be accepted by the subconscious mind.

As one small goal is manifested, then you can attempt to manifest something larger. When the homeless person has attracted a room to rent, then manifesting something greater will be less resistance to them. Affirm the best that your subconscious can accept as being possible, and also work on any baggage hiding in the subconscious that may cause resistance.

It is worth noting that words alone do not hold as much power when it comes to winning over the unconscious with an idea; it is the emotions triggered by those words that hold the most power.

affirmations and belief

-----For information on how to help your subconscious accept affirmations, click on Mental Techniques page under Exercises, or click HERE-----

Possitive Affirmations

Below are some examples of statements that can positively impact your life. But remember, you must select affirmations that work best for you; you do so by choosing statements that feel right to you.


''Where there is sadness, I am a joy.''
''Where there is a pain, I am a relief.''
''Where there is fear, I am love..''
''Where there is hopelessness, I am hopeful.''
''Where there is pessimism, I am optimism.''
''Where there is illness, I am health.''
''Where there is doubt, I am a certainty.''
Continue to create your affirmations. ''Where there is............., I am..............''
''Speak positive words because every cell within your body responds to every word you speak.''


Affirmative Phrases To Raise Your Vibration



''I deserve to lead a comfortable life.''
''I am worthy of the perfect health.''
''I deserve to live an enhanced quality of life.''
''I deserve to be happy.''
''I deserve to be positive.''
''I deserve to reach my dreams.''
''I deserve the best in life.''
''My life is perfect.''
''I live in perfect health.''
''I live in perfect harmony.''
''I love myself.''
''I love life and life love me.''
''I am deserving and worthy of love.''
''I deserve fulfillment and satisfaction.''
''I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.''
''I can learn to change my life and make it full.''


As you affirm statements, you will begin to feel them. When you feel them, you will believe them. Once you believe them, you will manifest them.


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