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Visualization is a natural ability that everyone uses all the time whether we are aware of it or not. Whatever you think is a vision in mind. All of your imaginations are a chain of visions. These visions are messages to your subconscious that create systematic ways of thinking and behaving. Positive visions plant ideas that support you in developing self-confidence, self-esteem, creating peace of mind, and inner joy. Negative visions work against you. 


Visualization is a very powerful technique that requires focusing on positive mental images to help you achieve a particular aim. It is a process of creating visual mental images and then bringing them to life in your mind. Simply by visualizing something causes the mind to look for ways to turn that vision into reality. A huge part of achieving any dream, whether it's a healthier body, more confidence, more money, or overcoming a phobia - lies in your ability to visualize it, because when you see yourself achieving something you are bringing it closer to your reality.

The Power Of Visualization

Research has proven that visualization strengthens your chances of success. How? Well, researchers conducted an experiment where two guys that had never shot a basketball were asked to shoot 20 balls each. At the end of the 20 shots, both guys were equally as bad as one other.

The researchers asked the first man to go home and for a whole week to visualize himself shooting the ball or target over and over until the action becomes familiar to his brain. The second man was asked to return the following week without using visualization. After a week both men were called in to shoot the 20 basketballs.

The first guy that used visualization was much more confident and on target than the second guy that did not visualize; this is because repeated visualization made the action familiar to his brain. In his mind, he had already shot the ball thousands and thousands of times before, making the action second nature to his brain when he eventually performed the vision in real life.

This happens because the subconscious brain can not tell the difference between real life and imaginary events. Whether you shoot the ball or only imagine that you do, you activate many of the same neural pathways in the brain. In other words, repeated visualization will trick the brain into believing it is real, and once it does, that visualization will take over on a subconscious level and play out as your reality.


How To Find The Right Visualization Style

Some people find different forms of visualization stronger than others. Try to find the styles that allow you to maintain a constant focus on your aim. Find methods that infuse you with the most intense sense of confidence and optimism. Eventually, this will help you to live and behave like you have already accomplished your goals, and once this happens, the subconscious mind to take on these new behaviors.

Below are three different visualization styles:

Style 1: Vision Boards

Vision boards help to clarify and maintain focus on your goal. For those who are unfamiliar with vision boards, they are empty boards where you display images, words, symbols, or anything that represents that which you wish to be, do, or have in life. They are a way of visually representing your aims—whether they’re financial, romantic, spiritual or something else entirely.

visualization styles

Let's say, for example, your aim is to own a dream home – you must now envision and give thought to the appearance of that house. Once you have a clear image of the house inside and outside, the number of rooms, location, neighbors, and whatever else represents your dream home, then begin searching for those exact images in magazines, the internet, etc. and display them on your vision board. The more detail you add, the better. Then place the board somewhere where you can see it many times a day; this will help you to keep your attention on your intention.

Furthermore, we communicate with the subconscious mind through imagery, because it is much more visual than verbal. Therefore, vision boards can act as subliminal messages that operate below the threshold of your awareness. Whatever the board represents to you will enter your mind on a subconscious level, and eventually, brought forth as your reality.

Style 2: Visual Affirmations

An affirmation is a simple statement that reshapes your beliefs and helps you move towards your life goals. You can tailor statements to reflect anything you want, but common ideas include affirmations like “I will be amazing, happy and joyful today” and “I am confident, capable and I can achieve anything I want.” It is important to take the time to find affirmations that feel right and believable to you. The next step is write down your affirmations on sticky notes and put them where you can see them often, such as on the mirror if you’re trying to reshape your self-image, or on the front door if you’re working towards career advancement.


visual affirmations 

Communicating with the subconscious through imagery is much more effective than communicating with it in words. For this reason, try writing out your affirmations at the beginning or end of the day. Make sure to write them slowly and carefully.

Style 3: 3-Step Exercise


Step 1: The first step is to be precise about what you want; this will send a clear message to your brain as to which direction you wish to go. Be accurate and realistic.

Step 2: Get rid of any fears or doubts regarding your ability to achieve your goal, because this will prevent manifestation.

Step 3: On a daily basis, for 10-15 minutes each time, visualize your goal from beginning to end as though it is happening now in the present tense, and try to feel exactly as you would if you already had what you wanted.


You are encouraged to spend 10-15 minutes a day on creating a detailed image of the life you wish to live. If you can not think of a particular area in your life that you want to impact through visualization positively, then a great place to start is to ask yourself, ''If my unhappiness dissolved, what would that area look like?'' Then create an image in your mind and start to visualize that.
When imagining your dream, not only do you raise your vibration because you feel good that you are mentally living your dream, but the vibration of that story comes into existence within you. You then radiate this out to the world around you, and as like attracts like, the Law of Attraction will draw matching energies back to you.

''Visualization can help to externalize your goals and make them real.''


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