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The Conscious & Subconscious Minds

Our conscious awareness is a small part of our intelligence; it is the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the sea, a larger reality exists; this is the subconscious mind. Similar to the iceberg, a small portion of the mind is evident to us, but the vast majority is hidden below the surface. In other words, 10% percent of you is the conscious mind that is aware and awake, and 90% is the unconscious that is found below the surface.


The job of the conscious mind is to protect the subconscious from false ideas and opinions. It will reject and refuse ideas, actions, and behaviors that do not agree with what already exists in your subconscious mind. Everything in your subconscious was at one point accepted by you as true. And once the conscious takes something to be true, it allows it to enter the subconscious mind as a belief or habit.

One of the jobs of the subconscious mind is to perform tasks that have become habitual, such as dancing, swimming, driving a car, etc. These activities became programs of the subconscious through repetition. Once the conscious mind accepts something to be true, real, safe, etc., it then passes it over to the subconscious where it will take place automatically, sometimes below your awareness.

The conscious accepts something as true either when it has been persuaded with logic, or through repetition – such as repeated thoughts, repeated actions, repeated behaviors, etc. Whatever enters the subconscious will store as a habit or belief and ran on autopilot as a reoccurring program. If there is something that the subconscious does not accept, it will not allow it to enter the subconscious. The conscious does this to protect you. For example, imagine if everything you saw and heard passed straight through to your subconscious and ran on autopilot as a program - that would be hectic and very confusing. And this is why the job of the conscious is to protect the subconscious by allowing only what it accepts as true, real, and safe to enter.

The subconscious mind does not think for itself as the conscious mind does, it just reacts to the ideas given to it by your conscious mind. The subconscious is the storehouse for all your beliefs that play automatically and run your life. Your views express themselves as situations, experiences, and events in your life. In other words, your life is a result of the beliefs stored in the subconscious mind.

The beliefs you have about yourself, about certain situations, and about life, in general, will be expressed by every part of your being. Your vitality, body, friends, financial status, social status, etc. represent a perfect reflection of your beliefs that express themselves in all phases of your life.

Keep in mind that below the age of seven, the conscious mind is not yet fully developed; this means that behaviors, attitudes, points of views, and habits from parents, society, culture, religion, TV, schools, etc. enter straight into the subconscious mind as beliefs and programs. It is also worth noting that even after the age of seven when the conscious mind has developed, we still continue to take in programs from our surroundings. For example, What do you think of during the day? What do you read? What do you watch on TV? What we feed our subconscious through these activities has implications on our lives, on the flow of energy in our body's, our attitudes, opinions, beliefs, etc. For instance, watching movies concerning war crimes depresses the immune system, while looking at a film about Mother Teressa strengthens it. All these programs from childhood up to adulthood made you who you are, and these are the programs what run your life today.

When the conscious is in control 10% of the time, you can desire and consciously work toward your goals and dreams. You operate directly from the conscious mind only when you are living in the moment. The second the mind wanders off to a daydream, complex thought, task, etc., the conscious mind is no longer present, and this is where the subconscious steps in and takes over – you are now under the influence of the programs stored in your subconscious mind. Keep in my that 90% of your life the subconscious is in control running the programs on autopilot.

But this can change!

There are ways to program the subconscious with beliefs that benefit you so that you can have beneficial programs running the show. You do this by aligning the conscious with the subconscious so that they work together toward your goals, and not against one another.

As we mentioned earlier, the subconscious mind will respond to your habitual thinking, so keep the conscious mind busy with the expectation of the perfect desired outcome, full of joy, harmony, health, and peace, and make sure that your habitual thinking revolves around that ideal result.

The nature of your thoughts shape your life – so begin now by taking care of your conscious mind and know that the subconscious will manifest according to your habitual thinking.

Align The Conscious & Subconscious

Your subconscious mind drives everything in your life that you have little to no control over. When you face challenges in life, it is a result of the conscious and unconscious becoming disconnected. For instance, the conscious mind wants one thing, while the subconscious has different beliefs; this creates internal conflict.

conscious mind

When you wish to change patterns in your life that have been playing for years, then the subconscious 90% of you must be in tuned with the conscious 10% of you. You can only be in charge of your life when the two minds are in agreement.

When these two minds work in accord, in peace, and synchronously together, you will have health, happiness, peace and joy, you will be in control of the mind and life. There is no sickness or discord when the conscious and subconscious work together harmoniously and peacefully. The subconscious is in charge, you must access it, connect with it, become in tuned with it, win it over, get it involved, and you will make changes in your life with ease.

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious is the genius part of you – it can solve anything that puzzles the conscious mind - it has the answers to your questions and solutions to your challenges. By giving your conscious attention and devotion to the solution to a problem, or to something you desire, the subconscious gathers all the necessary information and presents it to the conscious mind. Much of what seems strange or impossible to the conscious, rational mind is very clear to the unconscious because the subconscious knows no problems or challenges, it knows only the answers. Your subconscious is one with infinite intelligence and great wisdom. Therefore, any question or problem you have, turn it over to the subconscious mind.

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What Are Beliefs?

A belief is a combination of thoughts that you have accepted as true, and therefore, they create your perception of the world around you. For instance, from childhood all the way to adulthood, we are always picking up beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, opinions from tradition, culture, upbringing, society, TV, School, Parents, etc. These points of views determine our outlook, the decisions we make, our energy and vibration, confidence, health, etc. – they shape our reality.

Beliefs are products of the subconscious 90% of you. Desires are products of the conscious 10% of you. When the 10% wishes to be, do, have, or change something in life, but the 90% avoided, sabotages, or resists because the belief is opposite or does not agree with the desire, then the 90% will always win, and your desire will be suppressed or sabotaged. Keep in mind that many of our beliefs are toxic and poison our potential for success.

Let's say that you want all the best things in life, best car, best companion, career, etc., but at the same time, you believe that you are not worthy of the best, or that you are not good enough, or good things never come your way. In such a case, you will consciously or unconsciously find ways to sabotage yourself, because what is impressed upon the subconscious mind must be expressed. Until you change the belief to match your desire, you will continue to experience the same outcomes which are a result of the programs playing in mind.


When you think the same thoughts, speak the same words, observe the same things, feel a certain way, or behave in a particular manner repeatedly, it becomes a habit way of being. As you create this pattern, you have accepted it as being a part of you. Once you accept something, it becomes a belief that stores a program in the subconscious mind. Now whatever resides in the subconscious takes place automatically – it is what runs the show 90% of the time. Although you may think that you are in control of your thinking, it is your beliefs that rule your thoughts and emotions.

In other words, your beliefs create your reality. When you believe something (whether real or not), you will attract experiences to support that theory, and throughout your life, you will continue to attract circumstance to prove it to yourself. For example, let's say, you see a woman on a bus, and you say something like this: ''You look very ill. You are very pale. Let me help you to your seat.'' She now turns white because she consciously or unconsciously associates your suggestion of sickness to her already existing fears of old age, weakness, illness, etc., and so your negative suggestion has come to pass; this happens because whatever exists in the subconscious must be expressed in your life.

breaking beliefs

When you encounter a belief that does not benefit you, ask yourself, ''Do I want to keep believing this idea or do I want to choose a new one?'' Then choose your new belief. At first, it may seem unreal or uncomfortable because it is new, but with time, a new habit way of thinking and being will be born, as you take on the new habit, it will become your life.

To take on new beliefs, you must first identify and remove the olds ones that act as blockages in your and prevent you from reaching your desired outcome. And you do so by connecting with the subconscious.
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What Are Subconscious Programs

Programs are beliefs that you have accepted as true or real. Once you accept something, it stores in the unconscious as a program that will play throughout your life, sometimes below your conscious awareness.
For example, when you are driving somewhere, many times you reach your destination without consciously remembering the journey; this is because of the second the conscious wanders off, no one is in control, and if the subconscious doesn't step in, you will crash the car. The programs that store in your subconscious mind must take over and play automatically until the conscious mind returns.

The same applies to undesired programs, for instance, the dominant thoughts we have of ourselves, others, and life in general, are stored as programs in the subconscious. Throughout our lives, 90% of the time the subconscious is playing these programs. The programs playing in mind run our lives and will always be brought forth as our reality.

It is a computer program that is programmed to play a particular game. It will always play the same game until it is re-programmed to play something different.
Everything you are experiencing in your life programs playing in mind: How you eat, sleep, talk, think, feel, work, behave. Everything! If you are poor, your mind has been programmed to be poor. If you are happy, your brain has been programmed to be happy. If you are depressed, your brain has been programmed to be depressed. Everything is a program. Everything! But this can change now. You can deliberately remove old programs from the mind, and replace them with new programs that benefit you and enhance the quality of your life.

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Changing Old Habits

Humans are creatures of habit, and habit is a function of the subconscious mind. You learned to swim, dance, or drive a car by consciously doing these things over and over until they became a habit. Once it became second nature to the brain, the conscious accepted it, and then the automatic habit of the subconscious took over. Second nature is a reaction of your subconscious mind to your thinking and acting.

All habits are stored in the subconscious and mainly initiate through repetition. Maybe at some stage in your life, you had a reason for holding onto a habit, perhaps it benefited you in some way. And although it may no longer help you, the subconscious will continue to play that pattern until you change the program that is running it.

We consciously do not have access to our habits. You can not use will power over a habit; that would be the conscious 10% against the subconscious 90%. To stop a pattern with willpower, you have to constantly be at the moment telling yourself repeatedly to do or not do something; this uses up a lot of energy. The second your mind wanders off, the conscious is no longer present, this is where the subconscious takes over, and the habit kicks in. The reason people find habits hard to stop is that they are using willpower that resides only in the conscious 10% and has power only at the moment, so willpower alone is not enough.

time for change

The subconscious is where the power is. If you access the subconscious, you can change habits. The secret to the subconscious mind is repetition. Just as you adopted a habit by repeating it over and over, you break a habit the same way. For example, if you have a habit of driving fast, every time you catch yourself under the influence of that habit, interrupt that flow by consciously driving slow. Eventually, the new habit will replace the old one, and you will be under the influence of the new driving slow pattern. The secret is repetition.

Keep in mind that between the conscious and subconscious minds we have a defense mechanism - a thin line between the two minds to stop you from stopping your habit, this device finds ways to keep you from changing.

conscious mind defense mechanism

This happens because we once had a reason for holding onto that habit, so if we try to remove it, a defense mechanism kicks in to prevent you from getting rid of the habit. It will say, ''That habit is there for a reason. Leave it where it is.''

As an organism, this happens to protect us from removing something that the system believes benefits us. It is worth noting that you created this belief at some point in your life, and just as you created it, you can recreate it.

There are ways to work around that and persuade or influence the subconscious so that it accepts change. Let's say that you wish to stop a habit if 10% of you says, ''I want to stop'', but the 90% says; ''let's not stop'', you may give in. One part of you wants to change a habit, while another part of you resists change. The conflict that takes place in the mind is because the conscious tries to control what you do; it says, ''I want to change'' and because the habit doesn't fit in with your new ideas, you try to change it the habit and create conflict. When you wish to change a habit that has been playing for years, you need to win over the 90%. The subconscious is in charge, and you need to get it involved – there are many ways to do so, one way is through repetition.

-----For tips on how to access the subconscious mind, visit Mental Techniques page under Exercises, or click HERE-----

We all have free choice to choose a right or wrong habit. Choose productive and beneficial habits, then hand them over to your subconscious which is the genius part of you.

Limiting Beliefs

When you consciously state to yourself what you want in life, ideas will come to you of how to achieve it, but right behind that will surface everything that is blocking you from reaching that goal. For example, limiting thoughts and beliefs will pop up and try to tell you that you can't do something. Or that it will never work, or that you will fail, or it's impossible or unrealistic,'' this is the subconscious showing you everything in the way of you and your dream.

Your subconscious is telling you that you must first remove the limiting beliefs that obstruct you before you can reach your target.

These limiting beliefs appear because you stated the desire. And because your nervous system is designed to obey you, it hears your desire and shows you everything standing in the way before it can help you reach it.

no limits

Pay attention to what surfaces, try not to feel annoyed or discouraged and give up, instead feel appreciating that the intelligence of your subconscious mind has made you are aware of the obstacles, and then begin to remove them one-by-one. And once you remove limiting beliefs, your desires will always manifest.

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Beliefs can show themselves to you in many forms, i.e., through emotional judgment, disapproval, self-doubt, etc., that is your self-sabotage at work. These are not high vibrating thoughts and beliefs; they are low vibrating. You must remove limiting beliefs that reside in your subconscious mind before you can achieve all that you wish.

The conscious mind that holds our desires and intentions, and the subconscious mind that hold our beliefs need to be in alignment. In other words, your beliefs must match your desires. When both minds are in alignment, you have balance and power within you, and your vibration is higher; this is the state where you get results fast.

One way you can change your beliefs is by being clear on what you want in life; then when you notice limiting beliefs popping up (your excuses) that block those wishes, take those ideas and turn them into intentions by affirming the opposite.

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Belief Sysytems & DNA

Beliefs hold onto information that is in turn stored in your DNA. When you have an opinion about something that you picked up from childhood, this belief system travels to your DNA, stores itself there, and changes the behavior of the DNA.
In Dr. Bruce H. Lipton’s best-selling book The Biology of Belief, he states, '' A belief is a combination of thoughts that you have accepted as true, and therefore, they create your perception of the world around you. These beliefs bring about emotions, and emotions change the behavior of every single cell in the body.

For example, when you feel an emotion, your brain releases hormones that spread throughout the entire body, enter deep inside every cell, and change the behavior of the cell as a whole. This means that your beliefs alter the behavior of your cells, and as DNA is found inside the cells, then your beliefs also control your DNA.''


Beliefs have the power to create symptoms in the body, and if you change the belief, you change the situation. For example, peak performance coach Mr. Tony Robbins once said, ''A schizophrenic woman had diabetes when she was one personality and was healthy when she was another personality.''

Your character, health and life experiences are a direct result of your belief system. You become what you believe; your DNA becomes equivalent to the belief, and until the belief is removed, you will continue to create and experience the same results repeatedly.

Beliefs, Vibrations & Manifestations

The Law of life is belief. What you believe about yourself, life, the universe is done unto you as you believe. And what is achievable in life is based on the beliefs you give yourself. A belief is a thought in mind, which causes the power of your subconscious to be distributed into all phases of your life according to your thinking habits. It is not the thing believed in that creates your life, but the belief or thought in your mind that creates the result. All your experiences, all your actions, and all the events and circumstances of your life are but the reflections and reactions of your beliefs.

When you make up your mind about something, it becomes your vibration. When it becomes your vibration, the Law of Attraction says,''Here's more evidence to back up your current belief.'' If the belief held in mind comes from a negative point of view, you radiate that exact vibration out to the world and attract similar vibrations back to you.

Your dreams must not be in conflict with your belief system. For example, if you wish to attract an abundant flow of money, you can not at the same time tell the story of, ''Money is bad.'' ''Money is the root of all evil.'' ''Money doesn't grow on trees.'' ''I am always broke.'' Because as you do so, you are unconsciously finding ways to sabotage and destroy that desire.

As long as you have negative beliefs about money, your dream of attracting an abundance of it will never manifest. And if somehow you manage to attract money, you will unconsciously find different ways to destroy your success. Beliefs are a product of the 90% subconscious part of you, and desires are a product of the 10% part of you, so until you change the belief and make yourself a vibrational match to your desire, you will never have the money you want.

An example of a manifestation is: When an author writes a book, that book is a tangible manifestation of the program that plays in his/her unconscious mind. They can burn the book if they dislike it, but they have not destroyed the program. If the energy in the program is still active, the program will manifest again and again in another book.

A good way to make yourself aware of the vibration you emit through your beliefs system is to pay attention of how you describe your life in this current moment; this is the vibration you emit. If your description does not match the outcome you wish to experience, then now is the time to change how you describe yourself and your life. Your desire must always match the reality you describe.

Why Limit Yourself?

Why does the majority of humanity limit themselves when they can have it all? The answer is: Many can not see opportunities because their pessimistic belief system acts as a blindfold on them.

From childhood all the way through to adulthood, we are conditioned with negative thinking patterns, limiting subconscious programs that block us from reaching our full potential and achieving what we want. We are taught to follow the folk and not to think for ourselves.

We are ''not'' taught to listen to our inner guidance, intuition, to seek for guidance from the intelligence of the subconscious mind that has the answers to all our questions and solutions to our challenges.

Fortunately, that can all change ''Now'' - once you change the programs, the blindfolds will be removed. Suddenly, you will see new possibilities, opportunities, ideas, choices, and paths that were there from day one.

no limits

-----For tips n how to remove subconscious programs, visit Mental Techniques page under Exercises, or click HERE-----

Muscle Testing For Subconscious Answers

Many times what we consciously think and what is taking place inside us are two entirely different things. Muscle testing is a way to test the actions of the unconscious; it is a mind-body technique that allows you to tap into the subconscious mind and reveal your subconscious beliefs, your hidden secrets that are forgotten, suppressed, or even totally unaware of their existence. Sometimes your beliefs may even go back generations.

Muscle testing can be used to receive a 'Yes' or 'No' answer, or to make sure that a goal or intention is right for you. When you muscle test, you ask your body questions, and if your muscular system goes weak when you ask something, that signals 'No.' If it goes strong, it indicates 'Yes.'

There are many ways to muscle test. One way is to stand with your arms stretched out from your side, as another person stands in front of you. As the person being tested asks themselves a question, the tester presses down quickly with two fingers on the wrists of extended arms of the subject, simultaneously, the subject should resist. If the arm goes weak, it will go down; this signals 'No.' If the arm stays strong, it will remain in place; this indicates 'Yes.'

muscle testing

The response comes directly from the subconscious mind- you are moving in response to your unconscious movements. These movements are dissociated from your awareness and thus originate in the unconscious. The dissociation is produced because you focused on the question rather than your arm movements.

Another way to muscle test is to make an 'O' ring with the thumb and index finger. When the result proves true, the 'O' is strong, and it 's hard to pull the thumb and index finger apart. When the answer is 'No' the 'O' will be weak and easy to separate.

strong o

This particular test can also be self-tested by making another 'O' with the right hand then placing it within the 'O' of the left hand, or vice versa. The 'O' that is on the inside should attempt to push apart the thumb and index finger of the outer 'O,' as you simultaneously resist the force. If the fingers being pushed apart go weak and separate, this signals 'No.' If they stay stable and remain in place, this indicates 'Yes.'

Before you begin, test yourself with a simple yes or no question for which you already know the answers. For example, ''My name is'', and state your name – you should test positive. Then repeat with ''My name is'', and say another person's name – you should test negative. When your response is reliable, you are ready to proceed.

Do not ask questions about the future. Questions should always be stated as a declaration of fact. For example:


''I am where I need to be.'' (Y/N?)
''This is the right companion for me at this time in my life?'' (Y/N?)
''This is the correct form for this question.'' (Y/N?)
''My job is the proper job for me during this period.'' (Y/N?)
''I am in the perfect environment to thrive.'' (Y/N?)
''Italy is the perfect career move for me right now.'' (Y/N?)


For best results, drink a glass of water and place yourself in a quiet environment with no possible destructions. Remove mental objects, suck as glasses, watches, jewelry, etc. Perfumes or aftershaves may also affect the test. To improve concentration, take a few long deep breaths, think of someone you love and close your eyes.

Everything in your unconscious was at one time a conscious experience and then repressed. And as the intelligence of your subconscious mind is the genius part of you, it has the answers to your questions and solutions to your challenges. Trust in your inner wisdom!

THETA Brainwave State

We have five different frequencies of brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. The brain is consistently producing waves in all these frequencies. Everything you do, say, and think is controlled by a frequency of your brainwaves, and one frequency will dominate in any given situation.

brainwave state

Beta: Whenever you are thinking, talking and communicating, your mind is in Beta brainwave state. As you are reading this, your mind is in Beta frequency. Beta is a state in which you are active and alert.

Alpha: Alpha is a bridge between Beta and Theta. The Alfa state is linked to a very relaxed, meditative state of mind. When you daydream, fantasize, are relaxed, or have detached awareness, you are in an Alpha state.

Theta: A Theta state is a very deep state of relaxation and absolute calmness. This is a state used in hypnosis and dreaming; it is the first stage of dream state. Theta brainwaves can be thought of like the subconscious; it is the frequency between the conscious and the unconscious. In a Theta state, you can act below the level of the conscious mind; you have direct access to your subconscious mind that holds your memories, sensations, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Here you are always creative, inspirational, and express yourself through spiritual feelings. In this state, you have direct access to the intelligence of your subconscious mind that has the answers to all your questions and solutions to all your challenges.

Delta: A Delta state of mind happens when you are in a deep sleep; this is the state we use when the phone rings, and we intuitively know who is calling.

Gamma: The Gamma brainwave is the state we are in when we learn and process information. They are involved in a higher mental activity, including perception and consciousness.

When working on a subconscious level to program yourself with new information, a Theta brainwave state is where you need to be. During a Theta very deep relaxed and absolute calm state, we have full access to the subconscious mind where you can impregnate it with anything you choose. This is possible because when in Theta the conscious mind is absent, therefore, it can not attempt to protect the subconscious by refuses new information that does not agree with its already existing beliefs and programs. When the conscious is absent, you have direct access to the subconscious.

Now you can impregnate the subconscious mind with everything you wish to experience as your life, hand it images and suggestions, affirm as a declaration how you want your life to be, hand all your requests over to your subconscious mind, and what is impressed in the subconscious must be expressed.

William James, an American philosopher, and psychologist stated, ''Whatever you impress upon the subconscious mind must be brought to pass. You must, therefore, impress it with the right ideas and constructive thoughts.''
Your subconscious is one with infinite intelligence and great wisdom – trust in it.

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