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Our thoughts are vibrations of energy that change frequency depending on the nature of our thinking. As you perceive something, a thought is born, and this thought now thinks, now that it exists and is focused on, it vibrates. And we live in a universe that reads this vibration and creates what we think. In other words, thoughts are energy, and when you give your attention to an idea, an equivalent vibration is released that is equal to what you will attract. The picture you think of and see in your thinking reflects into the universe, and by the natural law of reciprocal action (the transfer of energy between particles), it must return to you in either energy or physical form. In other words, what we hold in our mind with energy and focus, we create in our lives.

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Thoughts, Vibration & Attraction

Positive thoughts create positive manifestations, and negative thoughts bring about negative manifestation. Thinking positive thoughts cause you and the trillions of cells that make up your body to vibrate at a fast and high frequency, and negative thoughts cause you to vibrate at a slow and low frequency. For example, thoughts of guilt create feelings of guilt causing you to vibrate at the frequency of only 30 cycles per second. Thoughts of joy lead to feelings of joy causing you to vibrate at the frequency of 540 cycles per second.

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You can not expect to dwell on thoughts of a low vibration and attract life experiences of a high vibration; this will never happen. Every time you think a thought (whether positive or negative), you fill the mind with the exact vibration that will attract more of what you were thinking.

And this is why when you think a negative thought, more negative thoughts follow, and when your thoughts are uplifting, more positive thoughts follow. And as other thoughts of a similar vibration will always follow, it begins to expand and grow immediately, eventually making its way to the physical world.

You Get What You Focus On

Let's say that your attention is on love, joy, and happiness, then the vibration of those thoughts will come into existence within you. You then radiate it out to the world around you, and as like attracts like, the Law of Attraction will draw matching energies of love, joy, and happiness back to you. In other words, the energy we emit through our thoughts will always attract similar circumstances (if the mind is free of doubt and fear).

We attract according to our thinking patterns - what you are thinking and focused on right now will tend to come into your life later. Keep the mind busy with thoughts of a positive nature. Fill the mind with happy, joyful, positive, uplifting thoughts, and you will attract those particular life experiences.

Finding Solutions The Right Way

When you are at a low vibration and focused on a problem to resolve it, you can not locate the answer. Instead, you attract more of what was in your focus. Rather, raise your vibration, put yourself in an uplifting state by keeping the mind busy with happy, joyful thoughts. Now from this high vibrating state, focus on the perfect solution that you wish to experience (not to the problem), and now more thoughts, feelings, ideas, and solutions of a similar vibration will follow.

The secret is to allow yourself to relax and be at the moment - in the now. Put yourself in a relaxed state, and from that state of pure relaxation, you will have access to positive, productive, high vibrating thoughts. From a state of peace, the answers that come out of you originate from a peaceful place. Therefore, they must also be full of peace. When in a state of mental clutter or confusion, you do not have access to uplifting, productive, high vibrating thoughts. From a state of confusion, the answers that come out of you originate from a confusing place. Therefore, they must also be full of confusion.

Remember, we always attract according to our vibration, for this reason, by searching for a solution while at low energy, you can only attract more of whatever is on that same frequency. By raising your vibration, you are now able to attract better thoughts, emotions, results, and life experiences.

Remove The Conflict

Sometimes you may have two or more thoughts that are opposite or in conflict with one another. For example, one part of you wants something while the other part of you wants something else. One part of you has a desire while another part of you avoids or blocks that desire because it is in disagreement with it. Mental conflict is when you have subconscious beliefs that do not agree with your wish; this causes you to unconsciously suppresses or sabotages the part of you that desires. Moreover, this will prevent you from getting what you want.

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Let's say, for example, that you wish to create the perfect life for yourself, with the best companion, incredible career, abundant flow of money, excellent health, etc. But at the same time, you flood the mind with negative thoughts of limitation, lack, fear, and doubt regarding your ability to achieve that dream; or questioning your worthiness. In such a case, the vibration of those negative thoughts radiate from within you, and that is what you will get more of, not the actual desire.

Remember we attract according to our vibration, so the second you shift the mind to thoughts of limitation and doubt, you are no longer a vibrational match to your dream; you are now a match to the absence of that which you desire. You resonate to your wishes for as long as you focus positively on them.

Your dreams can never manifest until you find ways to hold yourself consistently at the same vibration as them. In other words, the vibration of you must match the vibration of your desire; not the vibration of lack, doubt, or fear. Until your desires and subconscious beliefs are in agreement, you will never have what you want.

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Be Conscious Of Your Thoughts

Learn to become aware of the thoughts you allow to take up space in your mind. Every time a thought enters your mind, and it is in disagreement with everything you wish to accomplish in life, immediately ask yourself, ''Do I want to continue thinking this idea?'' ''Is it sabotaging me?'' ''Do I wish to release it?'' Then let it go and move onto productive thoughts that will boost your confidence, give you satisfaction, enhance your quality of life, and get you what you want.

-----For information on how to become aware of your thoughts, visit Mental Techniques page under Exercises, or click HERE-----

Always pay attention to what you give your focus too because the vibration of the thought released will be equal to what you will attract.

Thinking Patterns

How many times have you been caught up in a negative thinking pattern, tried to shift your thoughts to positive only to find yourself slipping back or even unable to move? Many times, people are stuck in a negative thinking cycle and stay dwelling there for an extended period until something provokes a shift that moves them from a negative state of mind to a positive. In such a case, it is negative versus positive mental arousal.

Pay attention to the thoughts you allow to take up space in your mind. Only allow positive thoughts to enter your mind. When your thoughts are uplifting and high vibrating, you will feel happy, excited, and high on energy. You will feel that life flows because it is. When you are focused on doubt, limitations, lack, fear, etc., you will feel down, unhappy, and low on energy. You may feel that life is a struggle, hard, or that nothing is going your way.
In such a case, you MUST raise your vibration by refocusing your attention on something energetic, efficient, productive, creative, and beneficial. Guide your thoughts in the direction of that which you desire to be, do, or have.
When you focus your energy on what you want out of life, and not what you do not want, change will happen! Trust in yourself and the process!

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Thought Ratio

To maintain a healthy mental balance, we need a ratio of 3-1. For example, for every one negative thought, we need three positive thoughts just to keep a balance. It may vary from person to person; some may require a ratio of 4-1, others 5-1.

Below is a simple exercise to test your thought ratio:

Make the first list of all the negative thoughts you dwelled on today. Make the second list of all the positive thoughts that took up space in your mind today. For every one negative thought you have on your first list, you should have three positives on your second list. For example, if you experienced five negative thoughts, you should also have 15 positive thoughts just to maintain a balance. If you do not, then you may be going through a mental imbalance.
Ratios vary from person to person. Find the balance that feels right for you, and make it your number one priority to maintain a healthy mental rate. How to do this: Every time you catch yourself dwelling on a negative thought, immediately flood the mind with three positive thoughts. If you require four or five, do so.

Thoughts & The Body

Your body becomes what you think, and your entire existence becomes sensitive to your thoughts. Thoughts program our cells, and we become what we believe. When you think thoughts, those thoughts bring about emotions. Each emotion you feel like anger, sad, guilt, excitement, joy, love, or nervousness, release a particular chemical. These chemicals move through the body, enter into every cell, and change the structure of the cell as a whole.


If you feel a certain emotion repeatedly, your cells are exposed to that certain chemical produced by the emotion, and so, newly born cells will have more receptors that match that particular chemical. In other words, the state of the cells change and behave differently depending on the nature of the thought. We become what we think and feel.

Dr. Joseph Murphy, in his excellent book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, states, ''If you think negatively and destructively, these thoughts generate destructive emotions which will express itself in your outer world. These emotions being of a negative nature, are frequently expressed as ulcers, heart troubles, tension, and anxiety.'' This means we can cause harm to ourselves by engaging in ill, negative thoughts, just as we can gain by engaging in positive thoughts of health, harmony, peace, and well-being.

The cells in your body react to everything that your mind says, and negativity brings down the immune system. When experiencing anger, stress, worry or anxiety, our body quickly becomes acidic in response to those thoughts and feelings. Take time for you; it is most important to look after yourself and make it a priority for you to always feel happy.

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It is imperative to flood the mind with positive, uplifting thoughts that allow you to feel happy and joyful because every cell within your body responds to every thought you think and every word you speak.


Positive Environment

If you find that a particular situation is causing you to think a certain undesired way or feel discomfort or low on energy, then maybe you just need a change of scenery. I find that when in a compassionate, optimistic, and hopeful environment I feel happier and able to think more clearly.
Choose an environment what enable you to think positive, productive, optimistic thoughts, and allow yourself to thrive and become the best you can be. Remember, the ideas and images held in mind are created in your life.

''The only thing making you unhappy are your thoughts, change them and begin to heal your life one thought at a time.''

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