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We are all energy vibrating beings in an energy vibrating universe. Everything in the Universe is energy that moves and vibrates - everything you see, hear, touch is vibrating at one frequency (speed) or another, and so are you.

energy vibrations

You are energy, everything around you is energy, the room you are sitting in, even your thoughts emotions, and words are vibrations of energy.

What do we mean by energy? All humans and everything around us are made up of matter. The matter is made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of particles such as protons, neutrons, and electrons, and if you look deeper, you will find that it's all just waves of energy that vibrate at different frequencies (speeds).

The vibration of humans changes depending on the nature of their thoughts and emotions. Stable objects such as stones have a steady vibration, but can be altered by human consciousness.

What Is Your Vibration?

When you make up your mind about something, it becomes your vibration. Your vibration makes up your energy field; these energies are a reflection of what is taking place within you. They radiate out 360 degrees around the entire body. For example, when the energy level in the body is high, you simultaneously raise your vibration – this creates a full, healthy, secure, protected energy field that repels low vibrating energies keeping you safe. When your energy level is low, so is your vibration – this creates a weak, unhealthy, unprotected energy field, making you sensitive to other low vibrating energies. Your energy field is a perfect reflection of what is happening within you, and it also acts as a magnet that can attract and repel other energies.

high vibrations versus low vibrations

What Disrupts Our Energy Field?

There are many factors that can degrade the human energy field including toxic and lifeless food, dirty water, environmental toxins, toxins in cleaning products and toiletries. Parasites, chronic viral infections, surgery, vaccinations, emotional trauma, negative thought patterns, and negative energy passed on from one generation to another are just some of those factors.

Grudges also disrupt your energy field; they are the fuel for anger; they keep you stuck in a negative cycle which lowers your vibration, and in turn, disrupts your energy field.

By filling the mind up with negative memories for a person, you are also filling the mind with the very vibration that will attract more of what you were focused on.

Grudges block you from feeling at peace with yourself and your surroundings; they cause you to feel negative, unhappy, they bring about more thoughts of a similar vibration, and attract more life experiences of a similar nature, making it impossible to raise your vibration.

You must learn to forgive so that you remove the negative energy and allow yourself to vibrate high. Always choose calmness, joy, and love over anger and the need to be right. Refuse to play the negative past in your mind as this keeps you stuck in a low vibrating cycle.

Let it go, free yourself from negative energy, allow yourself to breathe, and put your energy to better use.

Matching Vibrations Attract

You will always attract according to your vibration. All images held in mind, all thoughts, all feelings, emotions, and meanings have waves that radiate out into the world around you and attract matching vibrations to it.

For example, if you have negativity ingrained within you, your energy will be low, and as you send out that vibration, it will attract matching energies, thus manifestations.

But if you see life through the eyes of positivity, your energy will be high; the vibration sent out will attract similar energies and manifestations.

When you focus hard on something whether it is positive or negative, you become attuned to its vibration. The secret is to see life through the eyes of optimism that way you are always at a high vibration and will attract whatever resembles your frequency.

Our Natural State

Our natural state is one of a high vibration, so we do not have to work hard at it because it's natural to us. It requires more energy to live in a negative state then it does to maintain your natural positive state.

happy vibrations

Every time you feel happy, joyful, love, or any high vibrating emotion, you are in your right element - anything outside this state is simply unnatural.

When you feel positive and happy, your energy level is high; you vibrate at a fast and high frequency. At this level, you attract to you other high vibrating energies and repel low energies. Furthermore, your energy field will be protected.

When you are feeling negative or down, your energy level is low; you vibrate at a slow and low frequency. At this stage, your energy field is unprotected, you attract to you similar low vibrating energies and repel high energies.

Find your natural state and reconnect with pure happiness, love, joy, health, and peace. Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy.


You vibrate at a high frequency when you feel good, and at a low when you feel bad.

Begin to think regarding energy, vibration, and frequency, and throughout your day, with each step you take, notice how the things you do make you feel – see your vibration when interacting with certain activities.

Notice the energy you receive from different people as you walk into a room, for example; some make you feel positive, others negative. Which TV programs cause you to feel low on energy and which high?

Then quiet the mind, relax, and ask yourself, ''Is this activity person, or thing causing me to vibrate at a low or high frequency?'' Use your answers as guidance to find the right vibration for yourself. For instance, whenever you feel depressed or weak, you must adjust yourself or environment slightly until you find the vibration that feels right to you.

Everything that brings your energy down will lower the frequency at which you vibrate. And everything that brings your energy up will raise your vibration.

raising vibrations

Ways To Raise Your Vibration

There is only one way to raise your vibration, and that is to feel good. Look around you and deliberately search for reasons to feel happy and feel happy. Every time you catch yourself dwelling an undesired thought, immediately shift your focus to something positive. Stop paying attention to the things that bring you down, and start focusing on what lifts you up. Do not put up with not feeling good. Make it your number one priority to feel happy.

You can raise your vibration and energize your energy field with affirmations, gratitude, love, compassion, meditation, doing things you love, etc.

Meditate also helps you to vibrate high because as you are breathing, you increase the blood circulation in the body; this increases your vibration. Through meditation, release whatever brings you down, and embrace the things that lift you up.

Exercises to Raise Your Vibration

Exercise 1: Grab a pen and notepad and write a feel good list that consists of all the things that make you feel good. An extensive list of everything that helps you to feel happy, joyful, excited, or any high vibrating emotion. It could be anything from walking along the beach, spending time with loved ones, eating good food, visiting new places, watching a comedy, patting your pet, etc. Usually, the simple things in life give the most pleasure. Add to your list daily, and everyday executes the things on your feel good list.

Exercise 2: At the end of each day, put yourself in a relaxed state by taking 20 deep breaths in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. If more breaths are required, take them.

Once in a relaxed state, think back through your day and make a list of all the things that made you smile. One-by-one, mentally relive each moment together with the emotions connected. Acknowledge the fact that the longer you remain focused on the memories, the higher your vibration raises.

Exercise 3: Look around you and deliberately search for things and reason to feel happy and feel happy. If you find this difficult, look for the thing that brings you the best feeling you have access too. Then from that new feeling, it will be easier for you to spot the next thing that brings you an even better feeling. Set the intention and dedicate yourself to making you feel good.

peaceful vibrations

Exercise 4: Find a peaceful area to relax. Close your eyes and imagine the perfect you; the idea you; the person you wish to become if you could create the best version of yourself. Include the perfect job, best companion, excellent health, fantastic car, eating the food you enjoy, wear the clothes you love, being a perfect weight, etc. Add as much detail as possible.

Use your five physical senses to strengthen your vision, for example, your sense of sight adds color, scenery, people. Your hearing sense add sounds, voices, tones. Your sense of touch adds sensations, temperatures, movements, and emotions - feel as you would if you had what you wanted now, and notice how all the beautiful feelings and sensations flood your entire body. Your sense of taste and smell may add particular tastes and smells.

Imagine yourself being that person now, in the present tense; this will raise your vibration and help to attract long-term positive changes.

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How Vibration Travels

We are all transceivers that transmit and receive information in the form of nonverbal communication. We are always communicating with those around us through waves of energy that vibrate, even if we say nothing.

vibration travels

For example, if your intention is to make lots of friends, but on a specific weekend you are having a bad day and don't want to talk, then the signal you emit on that day is that you don't want to speak, and that is what you will receive. People will pick up on that message without knowing the reason. To them, it may mean that you don't like them, not that you don't want to talk.

People give your vibration a meaning based on their perception. It is the vibration you emit that reaches others, not the intention.

Vibrate High With Positive Words

Words have power; they are also waves of energy. Every time you speak, state your phrase in a positive term, not negative. For example, a negative term would be, ''I don't want to be broke.'' The positive equivalence of it would be, ''I want an abundance of money.'' Both statements have the same meaning, just stated differently. But the vibration of each statement has an entirely different vibration around it. How we verbalize something plays a huge role on what will manifest in our lives.

How To Attune Your Frequency With Your Desire

The universe speaks one language. If you match your frequency with any desire, it must come into being. You do this by visualizing what it would look, sound, feel like to already have what you want, and hold yourself on that vibration. Then when the time is right, you take action to accomplish that goal.

When we are concerned and focused on a particular topic or situation, we become attuned to it. Our being begins to resonate to the vibration of that situation, person, or thing. We start to vibrate at the same frequency as it, and our inner self-begins to manifest the effects of that resonance by producing its equivalence.

When you are so involved with something, we unconsciously become one with the subject. Our whole being, our thinking, feelings, imagination, actions, and attention become attuned to the vibration of the thing; this creates an attraction between the two.

Attune yourself to the object, open yourself up meditatively and allow that thing's vibration to become your own. The vibration of you and the vibration of people, things, and circumstance that are on that same frequency will be drawn together by a powerful, invisible force known as the Law of Attraction.

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