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Q: Do all our thoughts impact our lives?

A: Not necessarily. There are two types of thoughts. The first are non-dominant thoughts that do not have a large impact on our lives because they are minor and superficial. They only come and go.

The second are dominant thoughts. These are the thoughts we are always thinking whether consciously or unconsciously. These thoughts are always with us even while we sleep. They have the power to trigger the Law of Attraction and influence us. These thoughts have consequences in our lives.


Q: How specifically do we create our life with our thoughts?

A: When we think a thought, that thought creates feelings and emotions in the body. Emotions have the ability to change the heart rhythm. For example, anger, jealousy, and frustration create an uneven heart and chaotic rhythm. Positive emotions like love joy and enthusiasm create an even and harmonious rhythm. As the heart beats, it generates an electromagnetic field of energy 360 degrees around the body; some call this area the 'Aura.' This area of energy has an electric charge that can be positive or negative, and magnetism that causes it to behave as a magnet. It is this electromagnetic field that magnetizes you to whatever has the same electric charge.


Q: How important is our vibration when attempting to manifest?

A: Critical! When you feel good, your vibration is high. When you feel negative, it is low. Dreams can only manifest when vibrating at a high frequency, and unwanted desires can only manifest when vibrating at a low. We always manifest according to our vibration.


Q: Why do I not always manifest what I want?

A: If both the conscious and subconscious minds are not in alignment with your desire, you will encounter conflicts between the two minds. For example, one part of you (the conscious) wishes to make lots of money and attempts to manifest it, while another part of you (the subconscious) believes that money is hard to get, money is the root of all evil, or that you do not deserve money, etc. And, therefore, unconsciously finds ways to sabotage it. Until your subconscious beliefs are in perfect agreement with your desire, you will always find the means to block that which you want.


Q: I can not stop thinking about my problems, what can I do?

A: Your external world is always a reflection of what is happening within you. So, when you indulge in unwanted thoughts, you will experience the same outcome. The secret is to stop focusing on the things you do not know what and start concentrating on the things you do want. When you attempt to solve a problem from a negative, low vibrating state, the answers you will receive must also be from a low vibration. Once you raise your vibration and are full of energy, the answers that come out of you must also be full of energy. You can not solve a problem from the same energy that created it; you must raise your vibration, and from this higher power, you are now in a state where you can receive the solution in the form of thought, feeling, hence or intuitive response from your inner wisdom and intelligence. But you must first raise your vibration.


Q: How will I know if I am on a low or high vibration?

A: Pay attention to how you feel. If you feel good, you are vibrating at a high frequency, and so, continue. If you feel bad, you are vibrating at a low, and you change that by adjusting your method of thinking slightly. Change your thoughts, and you will change your vibration.


Q: How do I raise my vibration?

A: There is only one way to do so, and that is to feel good. You lift up your vibration by not paying attention to the things that cause you to feel low, down, sad, negative, etc. Just let go of whatever causes you to feel negative. Look around you and deliberately search for reasons to feel happy and feel happy. Do not put up with not feeling good. Make it your number one priority to feel joyful.


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