Ho'oponopono Cleansing

What is Ho'oponopono?

An ancient Hawaiian healing method that allows you to tune into Divinity, the infinite, all creation and heal yourself and others from memories, problems, and everything in the way of reconnecting to a pure, natural state of love. Its practice is so simple and so powerful that it’s difficult to believe the results one can achieve in life. 

Hooponopono ... in Hawaiian definition "Hoo means cause and ponopono mean perfection." Cleaning the data to a zero state.

How does Ho'oponoponowork?

Our memories are stored data in our subconscious minds. The difficulties we experience is just the reflection of data we have running still in ourselves that we need to work on. When we “clean data” programming in our memories in our self we open a clearing or connection for the divine or infinite creator to come through with no old programs, repressed memories or data to alter and distort the pure infinite and inspiration. When healer clears data from self, they are cleaned from all.

We all have so much subconscious data going on all the time, and by being aware of what that person, thing or situation is triggering, we are aware of the data that is coming up.

When practitioner cleans after the data has surfaced, then feelings about the data also surface. Then from our heart and soul we release, let go, and let the Divine or Infinite Spirit take care of that negative data and neutralize it. Ho'oponopono allows the infinite divine source to come through and neutralize whatever is out of the natural harmony of Love. Nothing magical happens until Love takes over.

Ways you can benefit from Ho'oponopono:


✔ Inner Peace even in stressful situations
✔ Stress relief
✔ Enhanced my confidence
✔ Being capable of letting go of memories of the past
✔ Improved my relationships with others
✔ Attracted positive coincidences and solved complex problems
✔ Improved my business (yes tremendously)
✔ A deep connection with my environment, people and animals


Unless you wish to book only a Ho'oponopono session in-person, all other bookings include a FREE distant complimentary Ho'oponopono cleaning.


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