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Distant Healing

(and the human energy field)

What is distant healing?

We are more than our physical bodies. We also have an energy body made up of aura (energy field); this area of energy transmits energy from one place to another; it can send and receive energy. Energy is transferred and transformed through focused consciousness, making it possible for universal healing energy to be directed from the energy field of the healer to the energy field of the client.

Energy healing can be accomplished at a distance just as easily as in person. An energy healer can sense the energy field of the person receiving the healing and provide healing equally effectively if the individual is in the same room or across the world. Many have had the experience of a kind of telepathic connection with someone else in which one senses what is happening with the other person. An energy healer doing distance healings can detect the presence of the receiver and affect the healee’s energy field through this same kind of “sensing.”

The client will text, email, or post a  photo to the healer, together with an address or place that the energy will be sent, and the requests they want help with. The connection from healer to the patient is from a distance to the details given. Distant healing can also be performed online via video call bringing the healer and client face-to-face.

What happens during a distant healing session?

Healer invokes or visualizes the person that will receive the healing. The receiver begins to enter a deeply relaxed state. It is when in this state you can work directly with Source, Spirit, the Universe, God or Creator, to facilitate powerful healings.

Healing energy enters the healee's crown chakra; then it goes inside their body and slowly and gently fills them up. As the patient becomes filled with energy, all of their body organs and parts are bathed in life force energy. Then the energy should begin slowly to radiate out from their physical body.

When healer sees, senses, or only knows that they are filled with peace, joy, love, contentment and overall well being, they will notice a glow from their body expanding out of their being.

Next, healer intends that their thoughts are clear and calm using focused consciousness. A healer sees their brain is working so that ideas flow smoothly, and are well thought out, and that solutions to difficult problems come quickly. As worry gently flows out of their body, and all these troubling thoughts leave, Source fills up and extends out to their mental level.

Healer then sends healing to their spiritual being. Life force energy comes in and fills up and restores their spirit….their essence…their soul. Healer sees, senses, or only knows a beautiful golden flow of energy that is a direct link to the higher realms. Guidance flows in and that they are directly connected to the source, whatever they believe that to be. Focused consciousness reconnects them to the divine within them. Spiritual energy now extends out beyond their being.

Healing is complete when healer sees, sesnses, or only knows that the receiver is glowing with healing energy that expands out beyond their being. We end by sealing the session with light, love, and gratitude. It is worth noting that the person being healed must allow themselves to receive this healing energy.

All bookings include a FREE distant complimentary Ho'oponopono cleaning.


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