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Subconscious Re (Programming)

Life is a creation of the mind – we create our lives with our thoughts - what we hold in our minds with energy and focus (whether consciously or unconsciously), we create in our lives.

An individual speaks behaves and thinks in the manner they do because they are programmed to do so. Our words, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors make us who we are - everything we do is because of our programming. If you are not satisfied in life, it is because you are programmed not to be. If you are not receiving the results you want, it is because you are programmed that way. If you are overeating, unmotivated, procrastinating, attracting undesired outcomes, it is a result of your programming.

When both the conscious and subconscious are not in agreement, then your unconscious beliefs will sabotage your attempts to create the life you love. If you wish to prosper in life, both minds must work together in harmony.

Our speaking patterns also restrict us from reaching our full potential. The words we use in our day-to-day lives have the power to change our brain chemistry and affect our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Put simply; our words have the energy to either positively or negatively affect our lives.

To reach peak state, prosper, and live to your full potential, you must (re) program the subconscious mind with new patterns that will benefit you – leading you to the life your dream. We can change our lives by (re) programming the subconscious mind with thoughts, beliefs, words, and behaviors that bring us closer to our dreams and goals. Anything programmed into the subconscious will take place automatically and brought forth as your reality.

What to expect from an unconscious (re) programming session:

During a subconscious programming session, you will work directly on a subconscious level where you can remove unintentional programs in your subconscious mind that need to be changed or deleted.

You will learn techniques and methods to change your thinking patterns by, first, removing negative thoughts, and then (re) programming the subconscious with thoughts that benefit you and enhance the quality of your life. You will learn to heal your life by healing one thought at a time. Eventually, you can enjoy a healthy mindset and prosperous outlook on life.

By changing your words and phrases to positive, you can strengthen your mental activity, put yourself in a healthy state of mind, and change what we attract to you. You will work on clearing limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your dreams and replace them with new beliefs that will support and strengthen your chances of success.

The purpose is to favorably direct your thoughts, beliefs, words, and behaviors to reach the life you love.

All bookings include a FREE distant complimentary Ho'oponopono cleaning.

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